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Thanks for reading Koopa Farm, <insert your name here>! Enjoy! =D

Koopa Farm is an upcoming game made by Electric Enterprises. It is a sandbox game, meaning it does not really have an official ending.


Kamek used a spell on Bowser's command to turn his army into unstoppable monsters that Mario could never beat. However, the spell backfired, turning Kamek and the rest of Bowser's army into seeds. Now, he needs to grow a new army to take on Mario once and for all.


There are four modes of gameplay: Farm, Market, Battle, and Castle.


This is where you plant seeds in order to grow your army. By planting seeds, you can earn coins if it grew well. You can then sell your seeds or enemy you grew at the market.


In the market, you can either sell the plants you grew/leftover seeds, or you can use coins to buy new seeds. Merchants may come wandering through the area, and you have an opportunity to make a good deal. An example of a trade between a merchant is that he may offer 20 coins for 3 Goombas.


When you have enough troops, you can go into battle. In battle, you either attack the Mushroom Kingdom, or they attack you. Either way, you need to send in your fully grown troops to fight back. If you win a battle, you get up to 100 Coins.


In Castle mode, you can set up defenses for your castle. These help a lot in battle if you are being attacked. Defenses include troops that are there immediately, lava, and other hazards.

List of Troops

This is a list of all the troops you can acquire in the game. They all have different ranks. The higher the rank, the more powerful the attack. The ranks are, in lowest to highest: F, D, C, B, A, and S.

Image Name Bio Rank
Goomba NSMBU Goomba The underling of underlings. Goombas are very common enemies and are good for beginner adventurers to fight. F
485px-ParagoombaNSMBU Paragoomba The underling of underlings...with wings. They are a little trickier to defeat with the wings, but they come off easily through a stomp. F
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