Koopa Circuit
Appearance(s) Koopa Kart
Cup(s) it Appears in Shell Cup
Based Upon Koopa Troopa Cave (Super Mario 3D World)
Staff Ghost Fin*Trainiax (1'58"321)

Koopa Troopa

Expert Staff Ghost Fin*Trainiax (1'50"942)

Koopa Troopa

Wi-Fi Yes (Koopa Kart)
Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 7)
Course Map
Koopa Circuit is the first track in the game, Koopa Kart. It is in the Shell Cup. The staff ghost is Koopa Troopa.


Lap 1

The track starts in an underground cave, similar to Koopa Troopa Cave from SM3DW. There is a small lake made from water dripping from the rain. As you go on, there are some Toads, Shy Guys, & Goombas mining on the sides. If you hit one, you lose your item and 3 coins, if you have them.

Lap 2

After you leave the mine site, the 2nd lap begins. Do to this being the old mine site, there are some holes on the ground. If  a player falls in them, they go out of bounds. However, if you fall into the hole with gold, there is an item box that gives a Star, Chain Chomp, or Golden Mushroom.

Lap 3

After you cross the finish line, you have the option to stay on the ground, or drive on the wall in anti-gravity. Eventually, the wall goes into a glider where you can fly to the finish line.


  • The first and last track are the only tracks to be in sections.
  • Despite being about Mario enemies, Toads appear mining in this level.

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