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Koopa Cave


Koopa Cave is the 2nd track in the Mushroom Cup for the upcoming game, Mario Kart 8! This track takes place in a beach themed course with Sidesteppers and a cave.

Track Owners: Koopa, Paratroopa

Obstacles: Porcu-puffers, Sidesteppers, Clampies, Stalagmites

Staff Ghost: Koopa, Koopa Dasher, Green Shell, Wingman

Expert Staff Ghost: Paratroopa, Standard Kart, Red Shell, Paratrooper


The track starts on a beach with Sidesteppers. The next part takes drivers into an underwater cave, running into Porcu-puffers and Clampies along the way. The last section leads to a crystalline cave with falling stalagmites and then back onto the beach.

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