Koopa Brawlers
Developer(s) Koopompany
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Koopalings
Koopa Brawlers is a fighting game created by Koopompany. It is a brawl game of Mario villains, and it will be released on Christmas for the Wii U system.


The game plays similarly to the Smash games, but there are differences.  All move types from Brawl return plus some new ones, like Backwards Smash and Aerial Smash.



Picture Name Description Palette Swap Moveset Stats
Bowser NSMBW Bowser The King of all Koopas is ready to rumble!  What's a Koopa game without its King?

False Bowser


Koopa 2Troopa SM3DW

Koopa Troopa

The most loyal of all of Bowser's minions, Koopa Troopa is ready to join the fray!

Beach Koopa


Koopa Kid Koopa Kid The party kid from Mario Party is ready to hold a battle against the others!
Bowser Jr MP9 3 Bowser Jr. This little dude is going to show his father what he's made of!  Can he stand a chance in the battlefield? Sunshine Bowser Jr. ???
189px-Kamek-212x2283 Kamek The old geyser is back with new tricks, and none of them are friendly pranks!


20100812012940!Larry Koopa 3D

Larry Koopa

No way you can brawl without a cheat, that's how we got Larry to go into the fray! SMW Larry ???

Morton Koopa Jr.

This wedding cake/cheese lover is going to have his stomach help him brawl... ???

Wendy O. Koopa

The world's prettiest-I mean, Wendy is ready to join the fight with her many cheats!  



Iggy Koopa

This cracked egg has gone crazy - Does he think that he can win the melee? ???
250px-RoyNSMBU1 Roy Koopa Jerk, bully, you name it, you so cannot have a battle between Koopas without Roy butting in.


Lemmy Koopa 3D1234 Lemmy Koopa With a hip, a hop, and a scotch, Lemmy is ready to bounce out his opponents! ???
230px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig, the oldest and possibly smartest, is going to join the melee!  Is his genius enough to win against everyone? ???


Picture Name Description Palette Swap Moveset Stats Unlocked by:
DryBones SMB Dry Bones Dry Bones is ready to join the brawl with his skinny but tough bones!
Boom Boom 3d Boom Boom Boom Boom joined the troupe with his tornado fists, be careful of him!
M&L Baby bowser Baby Bowser The baby knows the difference between "fray" and "fry": Once is tasty and the other is delicious.
Chargin Chuck22 Charging Chuck This oversized football player has joined the game with all of his equipment! Helmetless Chuck
Dry Bowser1 Dry Bowser Dry Bowser got in because he's pretty much separate from Bowser... False Dry Bowser
Toady Toady Toadies are very useful, and that's why they joined the melee!
200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer Bro These guys have joined the fight with their beloved hammers!
Sledge Bro1 Sledge Bro

"Yo Bro I'm a Sledge Bro Yo"

He didn't get in for nothing.

Pom Pom 3d Pom Pom Pom Pom has joined the brawl with her boomerang, watch out!
150px-Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Mecha Koopa, seriously?  Whatever, these things can get real ticked!
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow Lakitu Lakitu is a big flyer, and in fights he can toss out those beloved spinies!
MK3DB Dark Bowser Dark Bowser Back alive, Dark Bowser will have his big revenge in this all-out battle!


Stage Size Game Origin Home Stage For Description
Bowser's Castle Large Super Mario Bros Bowser The classical Bowser's Castle is a great place to do your fighting!  There are many traps placed onto the stage, but you can expect that from any Bowser's Castle, right?
Koopa Beach Small Super Mario Kart Koopa Troopa Koopa Beach is now a fighting course!  Crabs will occasionally come up and attack the player, but they can be defeated easily.  Water will rise sometimes and attempt to drown you, so stay up on dry land!
Bowser Land Large Mario Party 2 Koopa Kid This Party Board is now a fighting course!  A parade will eventually come and attempt to run over you and the others, so you need to get onto a flying platform to dodge them.
Junior's Playroom Small Super Mario Sluggers Bowser Jr. Junior's playroom is a battle stage?  Many bob-ombs will fly in and try to hurt you, but you can throw them to your opponents for damage.  Be careful of wet, hot paint that sometimes drops into the room!
Castle #3 Medium Super Mario World Kamek The course actually is on auto-scroll, and you have to jump over harmful lava pits along the way!  Magikoopas may turn floating blocks into enemies, like goombas.  Watch out!
Larry's Chillton Hotel Small Hotel Mario Larry

"Did you bring a light?  No."

This classical hotel from Hotel Mario returns, and you have to light up the hotel with fire so you can see inside it.  Be careful of the Larry from HM, because he can eat you if you get into an elevator with him!

Cheese Land Medium Mario Kart: SC Morton Morton is more than happy to make this place his brawl-land.  Walking cheese is an obstacle, although they can be used as platforms.  Watch out for gooey, hot cheese!
Diamond City Large WarioWare Wendy Diamond City makes a return as Wendy now has control over it.  Cars will zoom by and cause lots of damage to the players that get hit by them.  Sometimes you have to play a random minigames, noting that WarioWare Inc. is part of the city.
Iggy's Airship Large Super Mario Bros. 3 Iggy Iggy's Airship is full of many bob-ombs, flamethrowers, and roto-discs!  Watch out for occasional Rocky Wrenches that will throw wrenches for no reason at you!
Bully's Lair Medium N/A Roy Roy has his own little battle arena!  There are many bombs that drop onto the field, and they will deal big damage to those that get hit by the explosions.
High-Ate Regency Hotel Small Hotel Mario Lemmy Lemmy has a hotel, too!  High in the sky, traitor koopas and goombas come down and battle you furiously!  What meanies!  Sometimes, Mario will appear and try to blow you off the stage, bap his nose to make him go away!
Fantendo Small Fantendoverse Ludwig Fantendo? There are four arenas of Fantendo: The main page, which you must climb, the chat room, which you must avoid spam messages, the forums, in which you must battle each other out, and Fandro's page, which you must avoid Fandro's attacks!  The mouse will attempt to attack you at all times.
Badlands Large New Super Mario Bros. Dry Bones
Dark Fortress Medium Super Mario Bros. 3 Boom Boom
B. Bowser's Castle Large Yoshi's Island Baby Bowser
Football Palace Medium N/A Charging Chuck
Lava Pits Medium N/A Dry Bowser
Kamek's Castle Small N/A Toady
8-3 Medium Super Mario Bros. Hammer Bro
Factory Large Super Mario RPG Sledge Bro
Battle Tower Small N/A Pom Pom
Koopa Kastle Medium Super Mario World Mecha-Koopa
Sky Garden Small Mario Kart: SC Lakitu
Castle Ruins Large M&L 3 Dark Bowser
Ultimate Bowserverse ? N/A All


  • Green Shell - Using this allows you to attack an opponent with one launch.
  • Red Shell - Use this to attack the most close opponent.
  • Blue Shell - Use this to smash the less damaged opponent.
  • Scepter - Using this allows you to perform a magic spell that can knock others away
  • Poison Mushroom - If used, it will shrink you to a small size, and you will be able to jump much higher and run much faster, but the chances of being knocked out the ring increase.
  • Fire Flower - If you press the B button, fireballs will come out of the flower.  Each fireball does 10% damage onto your opponent.  There are 30 fireballs, which means that a total of 300% damage can be done to an opponent.
  • Rotten Cheese - The terrible smelling cheese, if touched, will explode, causing 300% damage to those that are hit by the explosion.
  • Gumball - If you throw the gumball at an opponent, it will attach to them and will make them sharply decrease their speed.  It will only go away once they are knocked out of the ring.
  • Spiny Shell - Similiar to Green Shell, but any person can't stomp on the shell.

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