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 KoopaDash! is a game produced by Koopompany for the Koopax system.  It features the Koopalings in high speed pinball as they attempt to stop the evil King Nabbit from invading and conquering Dark Land.


Gameplay is a mix of normal pinball and Sonic Spinball, but with better control.  Your goal is to get around 20,000 points on each floor to fight the floor boss.  More tba...


Name Description Weapon Advantage Disadvantage
Larry Blue Blaster High Speed Low Control
Morton Cheese Slicer High Control Slow Point Gainer
Wendy Ring Toss Extra Pointer Low Power
Iggy Electric Do-dad High Drift Low Luck
Roy Big Bazooka High Size Low Speed
Lemmy Ball Smash High Luck Small Size
Ludwig Scepter Power High Power Low Drift


Board Description Features Enemies Boss


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