Those guys will regret stomping on meh! I have a shell now, too!
Goompa in Kenny Koopa's Revenge

Koomba's 3D Render
Full Name Koomba
Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Shell
First Appearance Kenny Koopa's Revenge
Latest Appearance Kenny Koopa's Revenge

Koomba Troopa (called Koomba) is a Goomba that is the best friend of Kenny Koopa. He looks just like a regular Goomba, except he has large green empty shell on his back and a curved Goomba mouth.


Koomba was just a regular Goomba orphan who was raised by Koopa villagers. Later, in Kenny Koopa's journeys, he met him. Koomba was saddened of Kenny lacking one eye, so he decided to wear a Koopa shell as sign of respect. He vows to never miss out on an adventure with Kenny!


Koomba appears in the following content.

Kenny Koopa's Revenge

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Goompa KK Koomba Koomba is one of Kenny Koopa's best friends. He is actually a Goomba wearing a green koopa shell as a sign of respect for Kenny because of him lacking one eye. Goompa would never go on an adventure without his buddy.
  • Shove
  • Slide
  • Goomba Charge
  • Super Slide

Kenny Koopa's Revenge 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Goompa3DArtwork Koomba Koomba never takes off his shell. And today is the day where he finally gets to take his place at Kenny Koopa's side to fight for peace and justice.
  • Goomba Shove
  • Bouncing Shell
  • Shell Pound
  • Super Bounce
  • Rolling Goomba