The Jam

Kontrast dies.


Kontrast lies in bed.

Kontrast: I'm tired of all of this.

He then got out of bed, and walked to the Jam.

Dark: Hey Kontrast!

Kontrast: Hey guys. I have a question.

Brandon: Shoot.

Kontrast: Can I just calm down a bit?

Sketch: What? No!

Kontrast: Please. I'm tired of being comic relief. Just let me go.

Dark stands up.

Dark: You can't.

Kontrast: Why not?

Dark You remember the agreement. You have to act wacky with Len.

Kontrast: Look. I don't even understand why half of the wacky humor my character spews would be funny.

Brandon: A lot of people think that kind of humor is funny! You're the one who agreed to do this.

Kontrast: Only because I was desperate for a role! I don't want to be here anymore.

Dark: You can't. The contract still exists. You aren't changing.

Kontrast: Fine. I'm going home.

Kontrast walks over to his house and goes to his car.

Kontrast: This is the end. I guess I have to die in some wacky way thanks to the contract...

Kontrast grabs the windshield wipers and sticks them in his eyes. He then falls over.

Kontrast opens up his eyes. He's covered in rags, and there are flames around him. He stands on the red rock.

Kontrast: I'm home.

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