Kong Mage Bongo
the bongo
Item Type Magic
Kind of Item Musical Instrument
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Incapacitates listeners with it's ultimate power
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Kong Mage

The Kong Mage Bongo is a musical instrument with hypnotizing powers. It is the peg leg of the Kong Mage and contains the spirit essence of the Kong Mage.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

The Bongo appeared after Luigi transforms the Kong Mage into the bongo. It then becomes a prize possession of the Kong Family. It then stayed on the Donkey Kong Island for centuries until a Monster Blooper came to the island and stole the bongo. Then, it proceeded to go to Toad Sewers where Wario went and won the bongo. A while later, Donkey Kong came and took it back from Wario. Then, when the Mushroom Behemoth was revived, the Kong Mage was released from the bongo.