When it rains, you dance in it!

The colorful hero of ColorLoad.
Full Name Koloro
Current Age Thirteen
Gender Female.
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Color and Rainbows
Ability/ies Shooting Color.
Vulnerable To Anything that would hurt a human.
First Appearance ColorLoad (2014)

Koloro Shadeslayer is the main character of the game ColorLoad. She was created by The God Of Color to restore the world's color. 

When Koloro's creator Randomfrog left Fantendo in May 2016, her rights were given to Drackula, who plans to use the character for future titles. 


Koloro tends to look on the bright side of things, and has a cheery and upbeat personality. However, she takes insults very personally and is somewhat sensitive. 


Koloro is a teenage girl, with long hair that appears to be dyed various colors in different spots. She wears a sweater and jeans. The sweater is also dyed various colors. The jeans have no rainbowish color unlike her hair and the sweater- they're just the noraml blue color.



ColorLoad is Koloro's first appearance, where she appears as the main character. She was created by The God Of Color to defeat The God Of Greyscale and Mallumo to restore the world's color.  


In this spinoff of the original, you play as Koloro, stopping a war between the color tribes, whilst protecting them from the Greyscale virus.

Super Smash Bros. Fanon Realms

Koloro appears as an unlockable character.

Fandemonium 3

Koloro, along with twenty-one other fanon characters, competes in a competition to win a mansion. She is on the blue team, along with SpeedyJakeVolt, and Alice Harumi.



Kontrast is one of Koloro's best friends and lives with her. Koloro had the chance to kill him when he was Mallumo, but dedcided to restore him instead.

Mika Sho

Koloro is somewhat overprotective of Mika Sho. She'll always try to keep Mika safe, sometimes going into harm's way to do so. Koloro's happiness tends to depend on Mika's safety. Gallery