Koloktos (Ancient Automaton) is a boss in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword who is fought at the end of the Ancient Cistern and when defeated Faroe's Flame is collected which upgrades your sword. Koloktos is fought at the Ancient Cistern boss room where Ghirahim resurrects Koloktos back to life. Koloktos' job is usually to punish intruders.

Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Blades
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Latest Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

General Information

Physical Appearence

Koloktos is a large golden stature with 6 arms and usually carries around blades with him. Koloktos is seen to have a platform beneath him until his second phase where he reveals two of his legs. Red cores are held so Koloktos' arms and torsos can be together.

Stragety on how to defeat Koloktos

Koloktos is seen at the end of the Ancient Cistern by covering his weak spot (which is his heart) with two of his arms, but when getting closer to Koloktos he begins to slam his hand on the floor to attack and before he attacks Link has to jump and then use his Whip to rip a piece of his arm, and when many of Koloktos' arms are removed then Link can attack the weak spot. Koloktos gets a little stronger every time he is attacked until his second and final phase and that's where things get tough.

When Koloktos gains his second/final phase then he pulls himself out of his platform and reveals his long and golden legs he also uses a cage to block his weak spot. Koloktos pulls out 6 long swords and swings them all around the boss room. Like his first phase when he is about to slam down, Link has to dodge and then remove a piece of his arm off. When one of his arms is removed then he can be attacked by one of his swords by Link grabbing one of them and tearing apart his arms and break his cage and attack his weak spot. Koloktos can also summon 3 Cursed Bokoblins, but when Koloktos' final phase is done then he is finally defeated.


  • This is the third Skyward Sword boss with Ghirahim featured in it.
  • The first phase boss theme for Koloktos is the same as Molderach's.
  • Unlike the other bosses Koloktos does not explode he just breaks apart and while breaking apart the sound of children's laughter appear.