Koji, or Koji's Big Adventure, is an upcoming game for the PC. It is the first game in the Koji series.
If the game goes well, most likely a sequel will come soon. The game is a 2D Sidescrolling Platformer similer to
Super Mario Bros. and Rayman. It is coming in 2014 or 2015. NOTE: This game is real. I'm really making it. If you
want a copy when it comes, get updates and other things by emailing The only edit you can make is adding a photo.


Koji, the hero of the Mango Kingdom, a land of adventure and fantasy, has been invaded by Kondo, an evil wolf-man who captures the Mango Queen and Mango King. Koji is called to go to Kondo's Condo, and save them and the Mango Kingdom.


The gameplay is similar to Rayman 1 and Super Mario Bros. Rather than coins, players will collect mangos for points. There are 9 Sections, or worlds, or even areas, each with 5 stages. At the end of each level 3, a mini boss will appear, and on level 5, being an arena, will battle the boss. In Section 9-Stage 5, though, the level is a condo. Items are Super Mangos, where the player gets more powerful for a breif ammount of time. Only 1 power up can be used at once, and there is also the Life Mango, which gives Koji an extra life. Some enemies would be Mango Clones, Mini Kondos, and Privates. Mango Clones are Mango People in a trance of evilness. Mini Kondos are minutare version of Kondo, being smaller, and using similar attacks. Privates are members of the Kondo Army.


There are many bosses and mini bosses in Koji. Only a few are comfirmed though. Here are some.

Section 1- Stage 3 (Mini Boss)

Kondo (Easy)

Section 4-Stage 5

General Private (Upgraded Version of Privates)

Section 9- Stage 5

Kondo (Final Boss)


As mentioned earlier, if Koji goes well, then Koji 2 would be very likely. We would also like to bring Koji into 3D Words, and possibly make a full growing series of Koji. When the game is released, more info on Koji 2 will be comfirmed.


- Koji is referencing Nintendo musician Koji Kondo, and Kondo is... you know.

- Mario and Luigi, Rayman, Pacman, and others could make cameos in the game.

- Koji 2 would most likely follow the events to Koji 1, but it could create its own new story, but if not, Koji 3 would create a new story.

- At a recent interview, creator of Koji said the name of the 3D Koji game would be Koji 3D.

- Koji 2 would most likely be released around 2016 or 2017, if it happens

More Coming

This page will be updated soon, with more info. Lots more. Keep suporting Koji!

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