Kogeki Daibu
Kogeki Daibu
Kogeki's Appearance
Full Name Kogeki Daibu
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Rapcharger
Align Neutral-Chaotic
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Beak


Ability/ies Colour Changing Sails
Height 7.59m
Weight 1010kg
Kogeki Daibu is a large large beastial raptor brought forward in time via a temporal anomaly making her one of the only members of her species to exist in the modern day. She is however planned to have her DNA used to bring her species back.


Hailing from an unknown planet, Kogeki Daibu (the name given by the scientists watching over her) is a large raptor like bird creature. It has large wings that although incapable of flight are razor sharp, able to cut through rock and easily through any animal. Her beak is incredibly powerful as one of the scientists unfortunately found out and now no longer has a right arm. She walks on her hind legs like raptors and has interestingly hooved feet, with two toes although no distinct nails or claws. Her most prominent feature are her 4 frills. These frills are located behind her left eye, right eye, underneath her chin and on her back. Normally when she is happy they are Purple to Crimson in colour. In addition most of her body is covered in Tan & Dark Grey Stripes.


Interestingly despite her lack of sentience, Kogeki has displayed remarkable abilities possibly learnt from before she travelled through time. She tends to hind behind foliage using her colour changing Sails to blend in, often confusing the scientists, in addition she appears to have quite the playful attitude as the large toys donated to her by the nearby town keep her entertained and seem to help her maintain her ability to hunt. On ocassion she will lie her whole body except her hind legs on the ground, this is a warning signal as she almost always immediately charges at the nearest moving object using her hind legs to propel herself forwards.


Due to her immense size her beak is incredibly powerful, able to break through the bones of the prey she is fed as well as during early tests on a habitat for her, the iron bars around her old cages. In addition her leg muscles have an unrivaled power, able to crush a Bison's skull with one stomp.

Her most distinct ability is being able to change the colours of her sails not only to display distinct emotions but also for camouflage. Although this is only somewhat effective as most of her body is Dark Grey & Tan coloured anyway so the colour changing effect is limited.

  • Purple - Calm
  • Magenta - Playful
  • Crimson - Joyful
  • Yellow - Fearful
  • Orange - Intimidation
  • Lime - Jealousy
  • Green - Ignorance
  • Cyan - Bored
  • Blue - Sad


  • Kogeki's tongue is Dark Grey although according to the scientists that found her this is due to a change in her diet as her tongue had accordingly had more colour in it when they first found her
  • Kogeki's beak appears ornate although the two spurs on each side are incredibly sharp, easily able to tear through flesh and muscle if need be