Kode Kid Rising is a 3D Hack-N-Slash game and revival of the KODE KID franchise, expected to be released 2015. It will be released on the PS4 and Wii U alongside Ember, the upcoming reboot of the Mika Sho franchise.


The game is a 3D Hack-N-Slash Adventure, where you go through many levels and clear out enemy robots. You gain more abilities, weapons, and other add-ons as you go along the game, and enemies become more and more powerful later in the game.

In some stages you play as Cyber, (most notably the first part of the game,) in which the main idea is stealth and getting from Point A to Point B while avoiding enemies, as Cyber can't attack. 


Taking place many years after the events of KODE KID, Data has been shut down and his body has been preserved, but when White Blade, the organization that turned Data into a cyborg, overruns the city with robots, a young girl named "Cyber" has to get Data back online and help him stop the robot uprising. Meanwhile, Data decides to go after the White Blade's leader, Dr. K, as revenge for turning him into what he is today.


Playable Characters



Other Characters

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