Kode Kid is a series of games that focus on Daniel "Data" Johnson's battles against the Shadow Cross Legion. It was made to replace the Lectro series. 

Main Characters


The main character, he is a 12 year old kid turned cyborg, who seeks vengeance on the Shadow Cross Legion for turning him into what he is today. 


Data's younger brother, who becomes a Cyber Warrior to help Data in Kode Legacy. 

Dr. Shadow

The leader of the Shadow Cross Legion and archenemy of Data. He created Hardwire specificly to surpass Data in every way. However, all of his Cyber Warriors (except for Hardwire and ShadowHack) were destroyed by Data in the first game.


Data's doppleganger, and Dr. Shadow's most powerful Cyber Warrior. He possesses all the same skills Data has, but the two are polar opposites otherwise. 



The first in the Kode Kid series, it follows Data's quest for vengeance against Dr. Shadow. 

Kode Breaker

The upcoming sequel, the plot is that ShadowHack injects a virus into Data, causing it to slowly eat away at his human part, turning him into a full robot slave. Data must race against time to find ShadowHack's secret temple and defeat him, so that he can get the cure. 

Kode Legacy


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