#??? Koalush
-001 Koalush
Normal and Shiny artwork of Koalush in Pokemon Dawn and Dusk Versions.
Category Fairy Koala Pokémon
Original Region Jinseo
National Dex Nr. #???
Jinseo Dex Nr. #001
Generation  ?
Pokémon Color Green
Type(s) Grass
Ability/ies Overgrow
(Hidden: Own Tempo)
Average Height 0'11"
Average Weight 13.6 lbs
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into Laxoala
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Koalush (Japanese: コイピン Koippin) is a Grass type Pokemon. It evolves into Laxoala at level 16 and into Koalumin at level 38.

Along with Pupular and Monizor, Koalush is one of 3 starter Pokemon in the Jinseo Region, and can be obtained in Pokemon Dawn and Dusk Versions.



Koalush, as the name implies, resembles a koala. It has two long elf-like ear, and most of its body is green, save for the white wrapping around its face that extends to its frontside body, and its tail. On the frontside of the wrapping, a small red gem is placed. 

Special Abilities

The gem it carries has intense power enough to obliterate everything within 100 feet of itself, though it is only capable of doing this in extreme crisis. The gem can also turn ordinary plants into herbal medicine. They are rare and normally found in forests at night, dancing in the moonlight. They were discovered recently and have a connection to the previously assumed Legendary Pokemon, Koalumin.


Koalush are very kind hearted Pokemon, and help ill Pokemon by giving them medicine made of leaves. It is very shy, hiding from humans and only appearing in the wild at night in hidden locations within deep forests.


Koalush roam inside the most well concealed areas in forests.


Koalush generally are herbivores, and pick leaves and berries to eat.

Game Data

Pokedex Entries

Pokemon Dawn 

The gem it has on its chest can release enough psychic energy to obliterate anything within a 100 feet radius, although it only does this in extreme danger.

Pokemon Dusk It gathers at night in the most hidden locations within forests. Dancing under the moonlight is said to boost their power.
Pokemon Day It has a mystical power held in its gem. It can use this power to create herbal medicine with amazing effects.

Game Locations

One-Choose As A Starter In Verdoja Town


Base Stats

HP 58
Attack 35
Defense 52
Special Attack 55
Special Defense 59
Speed 52
Total 312

Level Up Moveset

Level Move
Start Pound
Start Growl
5 Vine Whip
8 Fairy Wind
11 Psybeam
13 Confuse Ray
16 Razor Leaf
21 Charm
24 Moonlight
27 Nature Ball
31 Reflect
32 Light Screen
36 Lucky Chant
41 Energy Ball
45 Psychic
48 Moonblast
53 Aura Sphere


Koalush are by far the smallest Pokemon starters.


Koalush is based on baby koalas. Its ears also make it resemble elves.

Name Origin

Koalush's name is based on koala and lush.

Koippin is based on コアラ koara (koala) and ゲム ippin (gem).

Names In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
From コアラ koara (koala) and ゲム ippin (gem)
FrenchHerbierrFrom herb, pierre (gem), and bear
GermanKräutalaFrom koala and Kräuter (herb)