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Frankie's running the syndicate now? Dang, I was next in line!
Ko Pianta, Super Paper Bros.


Ko is a Pianta, that appears in Super Paper Bros.. He is a distant cousin of Don Pianta. He has very high Strength, but low defense and HP.


Body Slam

Squishes an enenmy, causes seven damage

  • 1 FP
  • Intial

Crime Boss

Wins over the side of the crowd (all the time)/casues enemies to flee (not all the time)

  • 3 FP
  • Intial

Quake of Fear

Stomps the ground five times causing the enemy to go airbourne. Doing Five damage to all ground based enemies.

  • 4 FP
  • Super Rank

Wave of Pain

Stomps the ground seven times, doing 10 damage to all enemies.

  • 5 FP
  • Ultra Rank

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