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Knuckles the Echidna V is the fifth entry in the KTE series.


Robotnik & Eggrobo steal the ancient drill, a legendary weapon. They hit Tails with it during a fight, who falls in comatose state. Knuckles must get the drill back from Mecha Sonic, beat Robotnik with it and get the cure to awaken Tails.


  • Sky Sanctuary
  • Hidden Palace (S3&K)
  • Angel Island
  • Emerald Hill
  • Castle Rocket
  • Space Base
  • Flying Metropolis


  • Boss 1: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, unarmed
  • Boss 2: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, weaponed with about-sledge
  • Boss 3: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, weaponed with double cannons
  • Boss 4: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, weaponed with buzzsaws and propellors
  • Boss 5: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, weaponed with lee board
  • Boss 6: Mecha Sonic in Egg-O-Matic, weaponed with ancient drill
  • Boss 7: Eggrobo
  • Boss 8: Final Fever


  • This is to date the only KTE game in which Sonic and Tails are not abducted.

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