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Knuckles the Echidna IV is the fourth entry in the Knuckles the Echidna series, released for PlayStation 4.


Sonic's Story

Tails is captured by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic goes after him and succesfully saves his buddy, only to see him get re-captured. Sonic goes after Dr. Robotnik and faces Eggrobo once. After saving Tails, Sonic turns into Hyper Sonic, but Robotnik shoots a extremely strong spark that turns him back to normal. Sonic falls down and is hijacked by Eggrobo.

Knuckles' Story

After Sonic's Story, Knuckles heard from Tails that Eggrobo has eloped with Sonic. Tails supports Knuckles by carrying him to certain locations. When Knuckles enters The Elevator, Tails is shot down, causing him drop Knuckles. Knuckles watches how the elevator malfunctions, with Tails falling beneath the shaft. After defeating Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles jumps out of the building and fights Eggrobo on a driving lorry. After defeat, Eggrobo keeps exploding in place. Sonic, and Tails who was re-captured after getting shot, are saved.

Zones + Boss


  • Green Hill Zone (Egg Mobile-H)
  • Launch Base (Ball Shooter, but harder with additional attacks)
  • Down River (Water Mobile)
  • Bridge Zone (Egg Sub)
  • Angel Island (Flamer)
  • Egg Rocket (Egg Super Machine)
  • The Moon (several classic Sonic bosses, Egg Heart Plus)


  • Emerald Hill (Eggrobo's Robot)
  • Megalo Casino (Collision Chaos boss, altered)
  • Greenpark (Globotron Robotnik)
  • Splash Hill (Refreshinator Eggrobo)
  • Mystic Cave (Spikeball Mobile)
  • Station Square (P. Chaos)
  • Radical Highway (Dr. Robotnik Jumper)
  • The Elevator (Dr. Robotnik's Egg Spider ++++)
  • Crowded Showdown (Eggrobo)


  • This is the first KTE game to have Sonic & Tails playable.
  • Sonic's story must be completed before Knuckles' can be played.

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