KTE:MSB is another spinoff of the Knuckles the Echidna series.


Tails encounters Mecha Sonic and fights him. Mecha then flies away, only for him to return flying quickly to Tails as soon as the player makes him walk a distance to the right. As soon as Mecha touches Tails, the screen fades out and Tails is heard screaming.

The same happens with Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, and even Sonic as soon as they finish their boss.

Knuckles goes after Mecha Sonic, who wants to turn Launch Base and Floating Island into "Turboland", where he is the imperator.

Using the Death Egg to split the island in four parts and trap them with chains, Mecha Sonic plans to execute Tails, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and Sonic, who he captured, by shooting them dead with a barreled shotgun.

Mecha Sonic however, is destroyed by Knuckles.

Zones + Bosses

Coming soon.


  • Like KTE V, Mecha Sonic attacks in the Eggmobile. He always has the second Launch Base boss from S3&K adaption, however, and there are no cannons, like when Robotnik is hit 8 times in S3&K. Also, he is destroyed at the end just like KTE V.
  • Turboland is a reference to Super Mario Bros. Z and Turbo Mecha Sonic.
  • Each character has to finish one zone. This differs from most 2D Sonic games.
  • This is the first KTE game to not feature Eggrobo or Robotnik.

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