Know Your Body
Know Your Body Cover
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action/Adventure

Know Your Body is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It is an action/adventure platformer game. It initially was created for people with diseases so they could fight them. Plans for a second game have yet to be announced.


Know Your Body is a traditional platformer that takes place inside of a persons body. You will play as Aydin who ventures into the body to cure it. The game has simple controls similar to classic Mario and Mega Man games. You can walk with both the control stick and D-pad. You can jump with the 'B' button and use the syringe with the 'A' button. The 'X' button allows Aydin to use his special item equipped at that time. The 'Y' can be hold to run, pick up objects, and interact with NPC's.

You can switch between capsules using the R & L buttons, however this only works for the Syringe. Special weapons can only be changed at the hub.


  • Syringe: a small syringe on the outside, but big when Aydin is shrunken down. The syringe is his main weapon and acts like a sword. Later on in the game it can be filled with capsules that will alter effects of the weapon.
    • Green Capsule: is the default one that simply purifies/kills enemies.
    • Purple Capsule: inflicts a stun on enemies for a short time.
    • Red Capsule: drains health from the enemies to add to yours.
    • Yellow Capsule: includes a cure that slowly eats away enemy health.
    • Blue Capsule: slows down the movements of enemies.
    • Orange Capsule: confuses enemies, but make their attacks out of pattern.
    • Cyan Capsule: shoots the liquid and has the same effect as the green one.
  • Stethoscope: the top of a stethoscope is used as a special weapon by Aydin. With this he can shoot out sonar waves in the shape of hearts. This only can be done for a few times, afterwards it needs to be fixed at the main hub again.
  • Thermometer: an adjusted thermometer is Aydin's second special weapon. This one is filled with a cure can be shot from until the bar is empty afterwards it needs to be fixed at the hub.
  • Pill: a big one as well. It is filled with stuff that can heal Aydin when low on health. When it is empty it needs to be refilled at the hub.

Pyloric Colosseum

After defeating Heartburn and Stomach the Pyloric Colosseum resurfaces from under the liquid. The colosseum has a total of five cups with a dangerous disease to defeat at the end. The first two cups have 20 rounds, the third and fourth cup 30 rounds and the fifth cup has 50 rounds. However the third and fourth round are only unlocked after Hemerroid and the fifth round is unlocked after defeating Iris. Participating in the colosseum is completely optional.


A cure had been created which was said could cure any disease on the world, but of course it had to be tested first. Keith applied for it because he had a fever, the cure was injected… but something horrible happened. The cure caused Keith to receive a virus that created diseases all over the body. Keith’s brother; Aydin, volunteered to help him. They equipped Aydin with armour and special weapons to fight the diseases inside of Keith’s body.



Character Description
Our main hero who goes inside of the body of his brother to cure him from all the diseases inside of him. Along the way he gets to meet with the inhabitants of his body and even gets to learn more about his brother.
Keith The brother of Aydin and the one who volunteered to be tested on resulting in his now fatal position. The game takes place inside of his body.
Professor William Pitman The inventor of the so-called cure and the one who supports Aydin throughout his journey from the outside.
Dr. Kloe Martinez A professional doctor and right hand of Pitman, she also acts as support throughout the game.

Body Inhabitants

Character Description


Bloody is one of the many blood drops that lives inside of Keith. He stays at Aydin’s side throughout the game. He is a happy-go-lucky blood person who always tries to think positive.
White Blood Cells


Cell is a female white blood cell who helps with the navigation throughout Keith’s body.


Witts is a runaway brain cell from Keith, driven out by King Tumour. He tries to get the path towards the brains open for Aydin.


The most important part of Keith’s body is Heart. She has to be protected at all times and gives wise advice to Aydin. She is very kind and caring towards Aydin. The heart chamber is the main hub of the game.
One of the artery sisters who is in the heart chamber to protect Heart. She remains at the main hub to sell Keith new capsules when his are empty. She is very fashionable and loves to be the center of attention. She however thinks she is a bit dumb compared to her sister.
Vena Cava
Vena Cava
The other of the artery sisters who is in the heart chamber to protect Heart. She usually is just called Vena by most. She can fix the current special weapons of Aydin. Vena is more witty than Aorta and wishes to go on adventure, but she can't bring it to leave her sister behind.


The ruler over the brains until King Tumour overthrew her and locked her up in the unused part of the brains. She is a bit bitchy and knows more than everyone, and even shares some of Keith’s thoughts with Aydin.
Kid Ney
Kid & Ney
Two young appearing organs who are a bit mischievous and always like to play games with Aydin. When Renal Calculus appears they are constantly hiding from him.
A fat organ who is lazy and prefers to do nothing. When Alcohol attacks he is taken over by it. He grows in size and has mastered the ‘drunken fists’ fighting style.
A fashionably organ who is full of herself and despises others, although she has a weak spot for Aydin. When Nicotine invades her organ she first complains but is forced to flee and seek for help.
Appendix Cecum
Appendix & Cecum
Appendix is a blind organ who roams around in the intestines along with its guide dog Cecum. They offer side-quests for Aydin to complete the game 100%. Appendix is an organ of age and speaks like an elderly man. His dog Cecum is hyper active and makes strange poses, although Appendix cannot see those.
The only non-damaged molar among the teeth. He is an inhabitant there and asks Aydin for help when Cavity attacked. He is seen as the mayor of the teeth and is a respectful tooth.
One of the few remaining teeth on the mouth. Fang tags along with Aydin on his mission to defeat Cavity, replacing Bloody in that area.
Wisdom Tooth
Wisdom Tooth
The only wisdom tooth that Keith has is hidden in the back of the teeth unnoticed by Cavity. WT is already very old and holds much wisdom, if he is found he can gave hints on the current quest, or even side-quest.
Captain Seaman
Captain Seamen
A lost seamen who is found in the rectum of Keith, it is unknown if it even belongs to Keith.
The ruler behind the eyes and guardian of the brains. Iris sees everything and knows what Aydin has been doing, and is very strict. Unfortunately she is hypnotized by Virus to do his bidding.
Stomach WorkersStomach Workers Bacteria that work in the stomach, they come in various shapes and sizes.
Blood People
Like Bloody they are blood drops in Keith’s body.
Little helpers of Iris.

Brainy (Male)

Brainy (Female)

Brain cells that are locked up in the other half of the brain along with their leader.
White Blood Cells
All the other cells that do not reside inside the brain.


Broken Tooth

Broken Fang

Broken Molar

There are a total of 32 teeth. Among these teeth are 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars (look similar to Molars only smaller, and 12 molars.
Little white seamen that only can be found swimming in the bonus level.


Character Description


The main antagonist of the game. Virus is fought several times and appears alongside of Tumour as the final boss. Virus is also the cause of all the diseases in Keith’s body.
King Tumor
King Tumor
One of the main antagonist and final boss of the game. He wants to kill Keith from the inside out and has chosen the brains as his base. He is very malicious and evil.
An evil and pesky creature that resides in the rectum, it has a cracked voice and covered in zits and pimples. It is covered with blood at the sharp edges of its body, blood that he gets from scratching in the skin of Keith.
Renal Calculus
Renal Calculus
A rock-shaped disease who tries to destroy the kidneys by turning it into stone. He talks very slow and seems to be tired most of the time. He nests himself in the kidneys and slowly spreads the stones all around the kidneys making it appear like some crystal mine of sorts.
A giant humanoid disease equipped with a drill and claw as arms and is as muscled as you oan imagine. He never seems speaks once and only grunts. He is brutal and a great danger to the mouth.



A big sharp ship that travels throughout the stomach to create havoc. It is a destructive device to wreck and burn everything inside, even turning the stomach to a magma-pool. But who is the one controlling the ship?
A thick black levitating piece of tar with the ability to levitate in the air. She does so by keeping herself surrounded by a deadly toxic cloud that she can shape into any form she wants.
A slimy creature with a very strong and disgusting odor. He unfortunately cannot fight but it can take over another organ’s body and enhance it to make is a destructive creature. His main target is Liver who tries to get rid of him, but is too lazy for it.
Wall of Snot The first boss which literally is a wall made out of snot, it is fought when entering Keith’s body.
Wall of Earwax Another wall located in the ear blocking the new weapon provided by the professor.
Wall of Slime Fought in the gullet when going up to the brains again.
The secret boss that tries to infiltrate into Keith’s body and transform into AIDS.

Pyloric Colosseum Champions

Character Description
A large chicken-like creature which is covered with marks and is able to breathe fire.
Scurvy Captain
A pirate with a large ship and an endless crew on board of it.
The embodiement of coldness, it looks scary and is hollow from inside.
A humanoid mosquito with a long foil-like nose and huge wings for fast maneuverability.
A plague doctor like creature with poisonous attacks, raven wings and holding a mysterious lanteren.


Character Description
Infected Blood Cell
Infected Blood Drops
Once they were normal drops of blood that inhabited the body, but Virus turned them evil by tainting them.
Red Blood Cells
Unlike the White Blood Cells, the red ones have stepped over to the side of Virus to aid him in the battle. They looks as scary as their white counterparts.
Green in color and with very fast movements, the Bacteria might be one of the weaker enemies but is hard to land a hit on.
Protozoa are much larger than Bacteria and hover in the air. They have tentacles to attack with which are very fast, but on the other hand their own movement is rather slow.
Prions are little pink bacteria-like creatures. When they have spotted you they will chase you around and after a certain time they will explode, which can be used as an advantage. 
Worm-like creatures that will eat anything in their way, including Aydin. They are rather quick and drain much health when inside of them.


Pinworm (Snake)

Like the name says, they are thin white worms that find their way into the body, but are most commonly found in the rectum, although some make their way into the stomach. They have poisonous bites.
Kidney Stones

Kidney Rock

Kidney Boulder

Created out of the nestings from Renal Calculus, these Kidney Stones come in two sizes the Kidney Rock and Kidney Boulder. The first is much weaker than the latter, but they share the same abilities to roll and throw rocks. The boulder however can also create earth shocks.
Most commonly known as the Flu. A humanoid-appearing creature that wields a weapon on its back to attack with. They are stronger than most enemies.
Headache is a black humanoid-creature that wields a giant hammer to slam down on the ground with.
Toothache only are found in the mouth area and bear a similar appearance to Cavity. They have a drill stuck through their body and use it as a lance.
A weird creature that appears like an urchin. They are found throughout the whole body and don't really attacks aside from that they expand when getting close.
The pupils of Iris, they are under control of Iris and are loyal to her, so when Iris got hypnotized they followed her orders of evil.
Brain cells that have been brainwashed, they are very strong and clever enemies, possibly the smartest in the game. So it takes some tactics to defeat them, as they attack in a certain pattern.
Completely made out of ice, these chunks of ice cool that will make the body seem cold while it is actually hot. They have ice-related attacks.
A burning flame which roams everywhere causing the body to heat up to high temperatures from the outside. They have fire-related attacks.


Snot (Big)

Snots are most commonly found in the nose and can shoot little snots.


Slime (Big)

Alcohol Slime

Alcohol Slime (Big)

Slimes are most commonly found in the mouth and gullet and can create slippery terrain.


Earwax (Big)

Earwax' are most commonly found in the ears and can roll into you.
Generators can be found in several places and keep creating enemies, despite it being a generator it is not a machine but made out of bacteria.
A ghost-like smoke cloud which contains nicotine. It can blind your sight and poison you.
Undigested Food Undigested Food comes in many shapes and sizes, and some have different kind of attacks. They are the food that didn't get digested and were convinced to follow Virus in his evil schemes.
Scurvy Pirate
Pirates that assist Scurvy. They only appear in the second cup of the Pyloric Colosseum and roll over the stage and shoot acid from their tummies.

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