Full Name Knockout
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Bubblegum
First Appearance Wham: Off the Walls
Latest Appearance Wham: On Concrete
Knockout is Wham's best friend, almost a brother. He, just like Wham and Big Slipper, is a regular Hoodulem. He uses Bubblegum as his weapon.


He, just like Wham, is always getting into trouble, but is almost always bailed out by Wham. Other than this, he is very covetous and shy.


He has always lived with his dad, Big Slipper, but has never seen his Mom, as she died the day after giving birth to  him. he soon met Wham and they took him in. Once Big Slipper was taken by It, he hid and let Wham do all the work.



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