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Knight Watch
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
6-Player Protection Mode

12-Player Domination Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) FPS
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc
Knight Watch is an FPS developed by Pyro Enterprizes. It is inspired by a combination of Team Fortress 2 and various comics, and it is stated by director Zach Yacobozzi to be a love letter to the superhero genre.


Players choose between one of 15 various super-powered classes and team up with other players to accomplish the goal of whatever mode the players are currently playing in. These classes are each designed with a specific role in mind, and teamwork is encouraged at all times.






Offense Defense Support
Albus Williams
A famous British scientist who developed a special physical enhancement device known as the Nuclear Enhancement Armor. This nuclear-powered device granted him enhanced strength, stamina, and near-invulnerability, as well as two nuclear-powered handguns. Nuke specializes in "Dynasty Warriors"-style combat, rushing in and clearing out large groups on his own.
Natalia Argina
Formerly a security guard at a top-secret Russian research facility known as Xenobyl, Natalia was thought to have been killed when an experimental teleportation device exploded. However, Natalia's consciousness managed to remain intact, and became capable of controlling the particles that made up her body- and more. Blink is capable of teleportation, and is recommended for getting the drop on enemies that get into certain areas.
Cleo Shenouda
Cleo is a member of a recently discovered line of mutants that are capable of manipulating solar energy in any way imaginable. After her parents were taken by the US government, Cleo became antisocial, rarely trusting or even talking to other people- however, she seems to be more social with the Knight Watch. Solar's ability to control solar power makes her a deadly sniper, capable of flinging powerful lasers across the map. However, she's a bit frail, making her a glass cannon-type character.
El Devastador
Antonio Vasquez
In order to protect his small Mexican village from bandits and pillagers, young Antonio donned a luchadore costume and began calling himself "El Devastador". Undergoing an intense training procedure, he eventually gained enhanced strength, agility, and speed. While El Devastador may be scrawny, his speed, enhanced jumping skills, and wrestler-inspired takedown attacks set him apart.
Bryan Colson
A muscular African-American man and former soldier in the US army. After a mysterious object crash-landed in the desert outside a base he was helping to guard, he wound up finding a piece of alien metal that fused to his arm, creating a giant weaponized gauntlet that he could not remove. Armstrong uses the gauntlet's alien technology to fire blasts of explosive energy and project defensive force fields.
Prisoner 667
The only alien lifeform the U.S. military has ever gotten its hands on, Prisoner 667 resembles a one-eyed, metallic jellyfish-like creature. Trying to bargain away its sentence, 667 offered to grant humanity advanced alien technology- which turned out to be useless scrap pillaged from an old spaceship, revealing 667's twisted sense of humor. Medi's primary role is healing allies, though its lasers and razor-sharp tendrils serve a much more offensive role.
Experimental Humanoid Weapon 65-AV
A 10-foot-tall mechanical being created by the German military as a prototype for a new synthetic peacekeeping force. However, Titan lacks a human's skill and quick-thinking abilities- as such, its creator added it to the Knight Watch in order to help it undergo the training needed. Titan is a massive powerhouse, but is very slow and relies more on powerful attacks from its artillery-based weaponry than melee attacks.
Vladimir Sorcevek
Vladimir comes from a long line of Transylvanian nobles, and his blood can be traced back to his namesake, Vlad the Impaler himself. After years of studying the dark arts, Vladimir has become one of the world's greatest magicians, and uses his dark powers to both help his country and make himself a wealthier man. Necro's primary playstyle involves summoning various types of demons and explosive "demon mines", as well as using basic magic abilities.
Amelia Johnson
A former Canadian aviator who lost her lower body in a plane crash. After learning how to build her own synthetic legs, she eventually went all-out with the cybernetic enhancements, building herself a customized set of robotic wings. Airheart's main ability is flight, making her one of the game's best security characters. She can also attack with a standard machine gun or a shock stick.

Character Trailers

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