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Klump was a generic enemy in both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64. In Donkey Kong Country only Donkey Kong could defeat Klump and then in Donkey Kong 64 he threw orange grenades. The enemy Kanon from Donkey Kong Country 2 was very similar to Klump.

Klump reappered in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for the wii and then again in Donkey Kong Knockout being a playable character in both games where he was a rival to Lanky Kong in Barrel Blast and Chunky Kong and Kiddy Kong in Knockout.

Donkey Kong Knockout

Klump appeared as a secret character in the multiplayer wii boxing game Donkey Kong Knockout. He was a strong and slow character similar to the Chunky Kong / Kiddy Kong due albeit a bit weaker and faster. In a refrence to his memorable apperance in Donkey Kong 64 his special move was to throw orange greandes at his opponents which would stun them.

To unlock him the game needed to be completed with Lanky Kong and Donkey Kong on hard mode

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