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Klubba is a Kremling and character in the Donkey Kong series of games. He first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. He also appears in Donkey Kong Continent, this time with a larger role. In this game he is King K. Rool's bodyguard, and head of the Kops. He has his own level dedicated to him, Klubba's Krib, but he is not battled until Winter Wasteland in the level Klueless Klubba. He is battled in a double battle with Klueless.

He also appears in the minigame Klobbstacle Course, as the replacement for Donkey Kong.

Klubba makes a quick appearence at the beginning of The Original Donkey Kong. He watches King K. Rool read about Jumpman, and makes a comment about him. He doesn't appear again.

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