Klooper the Blooper
Kool Blooper
Klooper wants to live his own life to the fullest.
Full Name Klooper
Current Age 11
Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Ink
Ability/ies Squirts Ink
Vulnerable To Where he squirts ink
K_Bloop, Kloop

Klooper is an 11 year old Blooper who decided to live life to the full. He didn't want to be fired at by mario or luigi he just wanted to enjoy his life while he could. He is considered "Devious" at times but deep inside is a little child just wanting to have fun.

Sometimes he squirts ink by mistake, and this often makes him end up in trouble.


He is devious, annoying and sometimes childish, which sends him into many devastating situations. He spares no pain when dealing punishment, and can be really evil. However, with his friends he is really nice and kind, deep down is a child who wants to live a dream. This shows how sensitive and sensible he can be, when he wants.

He loves to be in charge and get things done his own way. If things happen that aren't planned he can go a bit crazy.


He can squirt ink at anyone, at anytime. Sometimes he can't control his ink, and it seems to happen at the worst moments, normally hitting someone important.

Other than that he can manoeuvre well through water, and easily headbutt anyone.


He doesn't have much friends, as you can easily see why. However, those he does have he clings onto and care a lot about. Klooper spends a lot of time with his friends, and seems to enjoy every moment with them. His best friend is Timber the Goomba.


K_Bloop often makes enemies from squirting ink at them for either punishment or by accident. Before he had been crowned King of Wigglers, Wigglus the Great was squirted accidentally, which he took way too seriously. Now Wigglus has great powers and has become his archenemy.


Klooper was born clueless of his name, and abandoned in an ocean. He was found by another lot of bloopers and looked after him. Later on, he heard about his species and about it being named, he decided to call himself Klooper, as supposed to join "Kool" and "Blooper" to one word.