Klonoa 3: Dream Traveler is the last game in the Klonoa franchise and was released in stores on December 1, 2013 for the PS3, 3DS and Wii U.


Klonoa travels to a dream where he meets new friends and a new threat, Klonoa had wound up in a new world called Wingolia where a new threat, Kolang, wants to expose of dreams so everyone can instead have nightmares, the reason for this is that he has a disliking for happiness and laughter and dreams are the best place to find it. Klonoa meets two friends along the way, Marcia and Polo. So its up to Klonoa and his new friends to finish the last chapter of his dream traveling adventures and stop Kolang.

Playable Characters

Klonoa: The Moo stomping kitty is back and how we remember him, Klonoa has the same gameplay as the previous games.

  • Klonoa Gameplay Style: Platforming

Marcia: Marcia is a fun loving kind girl who wants to forfill her dream and become a dream traveler like Klonoa. She had gained the ability from her father to control Klonoa's Wind Ring

  • Marcia Gameplay Style: Puzzle Solving

Polo: Polo is Marcia's brother who has a thing for combat and will do anything to please and protect his Sister.

  • Polo Gameplay Style: Combat


  • Klonoa: Christmas Klonoa, Classic Klonoa
  • Marcia: Dream Traveler Outfit, Christmas Marcia
  • Polo: Boxing Gloves, Christmas Polo


Klonoa 3 recieved a largely positive reception so far, recieving a 9.5 out of 10 from IGN calling it "Funny, Furry and a great way to end the series" Nintendo Power gave it a 8 out of 10 praising the graphics, gameplay and characters but complained that the game was too short.

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