Klonoa is an upcoming game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game systems. It serves as a reboot to the entire Klonoa franchise. The game stars Klonoa as he goes on an adventure to find the 7 Star Shards and save his sister, the princess of his home town.


Klonoa remains true to his roots as it still serves players with platforming, puzzle solving, and using enemies as projectiles. The game has a bit of RPG elements similar to Paper Mario. It even has a partner system. Every time you defeat an enemy you gain experience and when you level up you get to choose either to raise your hearts or raise Star Power. Dreamstones are used as currency. Partners have their own set of attacks and skills on the field. The Star Shards can also help you through use of the Star Power bar similar to Paper Mario's Star Spirits and Crystal Stars each with its own skill. Klonoa can also transform his ring into different forms. There are 6 partners in this game. The game also has intermissions like Paper Mario 2 where you play as Cylia as she is being held prisoner by the bad guys, and Guntz, a young bounty hunter who hears about a legendary treasure that's supposed to be in Breezegale's underground. Guntz will also meet Klonoa and becomes his rival. The game has 2 languages, English and the original Phantomile language.


In this game, Klonoa is young boy living with his Granpa in the kingdom of Breezegale. One day when Klonoa was sent by Granpa to deliver a gift, a big magic ring, to Cylia, the princess of Breezegale, and gives him a mysterious book with hardly any pages, only a map of the kingdom. Klonoa asks where she got it and she says that she bought it while sneaking out of the palace. Klonoa also asks why he and the princess look so much alike which she remains silent. Later that day our little hero goes to the docks to fish only to realize that he still had the ring that he was supposed to deliver and decides to get bring it back to the palace only to be sidetracked by a young girl being bullied by a group of hoodlums led by a big horned bulldog with a red beard and fights them off. The bulldog calls in more bad guys to attack. Klonoa and the girl snuck off while they're distracted. The girl introduces herself as Elly who dreams of being an archaeologist like her parents and the two become friends. Just then word gets out that Cylia has vanished and know one knows where she is. And so our story begins.....

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