Klaymen, the leader of the Chao Gang

Klaymen is the Main Protagonist of the Neverhood Series. He is Rico's best freind and has a crush on Yoko. He is the leader of the group to stop Kogg.

Battle For The Neverhood

Klaymen, along with the rest of the group, was immune to Kogg's mutation gas. He organizes a plan to save their mutated freinds and defeat Kogg. He appears to be the leader of the group, since he lists his members and shown in the ending with Kogg.

Later in the Lurker Graveyard, Klaymen goes into a huge graveyard where Charles comes to the teleporter to see how he's doing. The 2 see a mutated Yoko and Nora fighting togethor. The 2 team up and defeat the monsterous duo, reducing the girls back to normal.

In Kogg's Fortress, Klaymen and the other Chaos fight Kogg. In the end, Kogg was about to kill Klaymen by beating him to death, but when the whole Chaos confront him heavily armed, he jumps into the escape pod. Klaymen and the group end up in the water, and swim home.


Klaymen's special move is digging down holes to another location. His fighting moves are:

  • Boxing Punch: Knock enemies with a boxing combo.
  • Bobble Bomb: Take off the bobble on his head and throw it at enemies or leave it to blow a secret passage.
  • Klay-Roll: Roll yourself at a group of enemies or on a Roll Plate.
  • Klay-Ball: Bounce yourself around and crush enemies.


  • According to his bio in the instructions booklet, Klaymen sucks at checkers.
  • Klaymen, along with many characters in the series, makes a cameo in the Skip and Sqak Episode Chaos In Aisle 6 as a doll on the shelf beside a Rico doll.

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