Klaww and New Commander are a pair of bosses fought simultaneously in the Grand Estate from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. The New Commander is the brains, and Klaww is brawn. They are in the process of staging a heist when Jak and Daxter challenge them.


The New Commander prefers to stay back while Klaww does the dirty work by swatting with his arms and shooting with his sniper cannon, but you can't take out Klaww without first subduing the New Commander. As long as the New Commander is out and about, she maintains control over Precursor Barrier Armor that repels all attacks against Klaww. The New Commander can fire a few energy beams at Jak and Daxter, but can also use a few close combat moves. To take her down temporarily, you'll have to get Klaww's attention and get him to use his sniper cannon. Try and catch the New Commander in the crossfire by distracting her- in other words, get up and attack her and she probably won't notice Klaww's cannon right behind. After getting hit, she'll seal herself inside a huge Precursor Capsule to heal. During this time, Klaww's armor won't work. Get Klaww to bend down to try and swat you, then uppercut him in the jaw. After a hit, the New Commander will reemerge for battle. During the second phase, Klaww will use a new body slam attack, but this can be avoided with a roll or spring. During the third and final phase, Klaww will no longer bend down to swat, and will instead stomp his feet to attack. In order to hit him in the jaw the final time and knock him out for good, get him to use his sniper cannon on the New Commander's Precursor Capsule. It'll reflect off and knock Klaww over, allowing you to hit him in the head. A Power Cell is rewarded at the end of the fight.

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