Klaww is an enormous Lurker and a boss in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. He's fought on Firestorm Island, but Jak and Daxter probably fought him alongside the New Commander at the Grand Estate some time ago. He's much more difficult to deal with solo than he was last time, and he also seems to have been working out in preparation for the rematch. For one thing, he is much, much bigger than before.


Klaww has exchanged his sniper cannon for a boulder-forming one which can generate and shoot lava rocks at Jak and Daxter. He also has a new giant sword. The blade is forged out of Dark Eco Crystals, so if it is swung overhead and it hits a target, it results in a massive explosion. For normal attacks, he'll swing it sideways. Use a high jump to flip over it when it swings your way. Watch for a Blue Eco charge to fall out of one of the lava rocks Klaww shoots, then use it to activate a Precursor Launcher. Do this fast, because Klaww will use his explosive sword attack after the Blue Eco appears. Use the launcher to spring up over his head and avoid the explosion, landing on a higher platform. After three successively more difficult rounds of this, Klaww must be fought at the top of the mountain. This part is simple- use Yellow Eco to continuously shoot at Klaww's head. Still, the sideways-sweeping sword and lava boulders will be a threat. After enough shots, Klaww will smash the crystals out of his sword, making it useless. He'll fuse them into his lava boulder cannon and attempt to generate a massive boulder. At this point, use some Blue Eco to activate a Precursor Launcher and get up on top of that boulder. Climb to the metal pike on top and do a ground pound. The gargantuan boulder will smash down onto Klaww, finally defeating him and netting yet another Power Cell.

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