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Klavier der Schergen
Klavier by Sylas
Full Name Klavier der Schergen
Current Age 19
Date of Birth October 17th, 1997
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Germany
Current Status Alive
Class Medium
Height 6'6 ft.
Weight 142 lbs.

Klavier der Schergen is one of the new koopalings to replace the original 13 Aivalings. He is Sylas' first koopaling of 2017.


Klavier is very tall (tho the image might not seem like it). His hair is brown with red tint and the bangs. His head is blue and his eyes are green. He also has facial hair growing on his chin. He wears a cyan neck band. His shirt resemble's Germany's flag colors, tho he is from Germany. He has bandages around his arms. He wears gray shorts with yellow stripes. His shell is red with black rings and yellow spikes. His skin is also a lighter gray.


Klavier's family are known to be farmers. Klavier is the oldest of his other 6 siblings. Despite speaking German and doesn't know English well, he seems to be quiet and calm. He is quite intelligent and somewhat serious. Due to his calmer nature, he's very mysterious.


  • Klavier's full name is literally translated to "Piano the Minion" in German.
    • His last name is based on the Koopaling's name in German, which is called "Bowsers Schergen", which means "Bowser's Minions".
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