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Species Origin Kremling
Alignment Bad
Kremling Krew
King K. Rool

Klaptraps are small, quadrupedal Kremlings that appear commonly throughout the Donkey Kong series of games. They debuted in Donkey Kong Country as common enemies and members of the Kremling Krew. They move forward while snapping their humongous jaws over and over again. These jaws prevent Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from using their rolling attacks on them, as direct contact with their teeth will result in damage. They are, however, vulnerable from the back. Other attacks, such as a jump or projectile, can also dispatch them.

Most Klaptraps are blue in color and have yellow markings on their backs. Rarer variants of Klaptraps are colored red. They act almost identically to the blue ones, but have the added ability to jump whenever the Kongs do, making it significantly more difficult to bypass them.




  • Klaptraps are one of the few Kremlings to not wear clothing of any kind.