Kiyle DeeKay and the Sky Invaders
Developer(s) NextGen Solo Logo2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) NextGen Bluevolt
Release Date(s)
JPN: September 2, 2011

NA, EU, AUS: September 7, 2011

Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Open-World
Media Included Bluevolt Genuine Blu-Ray Disc
Kiyle DeeKay and the Sky Invaders is the first open-world game from NextGen Solo. It was announced in NSGE 2011 and detailed in the NSGE Keynote 2011. It is slated for a 2012 release.


Stonebeak, the Mystical Bird created the land of Bluesky, using his god-like power to shape the clouds and change the area's gravity, so that life in the clouds could be possible. He then filled Bluesky with 16 groups of creatures, ranging from territorial sentient undead to living rocks. 8 were given the Shards of Blu and the other 8 were given the Shards of Redd, which when the shards were combined created the BluOrb and ReddOrb, respectively. Both orbs hold immense power, and it is said that one holds the gravity intact, and the other keeps life living. It is unknown which does what.

At least, that is the tale passed down across the groups in Bluesky history.

Reddblu, the leader of the Undead Group and the most powerful leader of the 16, one day convinced the other 15 leaders that the Stonebeak tale was a myth and that his ancestors, because of his name, created Bluesky and the orbs. The vote on the truth of his statement was unanimously a yes, and so the Bluesky faith turned to worship of Reddblu.

A few months later, Reddblu told the leaders that he received a sign from his ancestors explaining an invasion of Terran, the planet ground below the clouds. He explained, "The areas of Terran must be conquered and linked to Bluesky so that the Terrablu Prophecy can be fulfilled." Because of his place as the "god", Reddblu's invasion plan received no oppostion, and the leaders descended from the clouds, Reddblu taking on the alias Dr. Humane, also changing his look.

Now, its up to Terran protector Kiyle DeeKay to defeat the 16 leaders and their troops, sending them back to Bluesky.


The gameplay of KDTSI is based around an open-world premise. There are 16 areas in the game, and as you collect more shards, you unlock more open worlds. You are free to do any missions in these worlds from the start. However, there is a recommended path that guarantees you have the power and experience to face the boss, which is a required mission.


Kilye DeeKay
Kiyle DeeKay is the main character of this game and the only playable character. Having saved the land of Terran many times before the arrival of Reddblu and the other invaders, he's an experienced hero.
Marro is a traveling merchant and will appear in all the worlds of the game, trying to make a quick buck by selling you helpful items and weapons.
Townsfolk appear in civilized worlds and are somewhat interactive; they have their own lives and have many lines of voiced dialogue that you can hear as you walk by.

Bosses (Leaders)

Drawd is the boss of Terran City. As a leader he is considered the least important of all 16. He is also the newest appointed leader, taking the place of father Dwaring.
Pharao is the boss of Pyramesa. What "he" actually is isn't known. It has, however, been devised that Pharao is of a humanoid species.
Mermadia Mermadia is the boss of the Ocean Deffs. She had little infuence within Bluesky, due to the lack of water sapping her power and her remaining people.
Embers Embers
N/A Huma
N/A Negakiyle
Kartmowth is the boss of Terran Barracks. He should be dead, but inside his Barrel Cart, there are life extension mechanisms and various medicinal fluids. He also has a SM64 cannon on top.
King Rockom
King Rockom is the boss of Redrock Canyon. He is the leader of the first 7 bosses, and the second-in-command to Dr. Humane/Reddblu.

Rest TBA.


In KD&TSI, the first eight worlds introduce you to the areas of the game, and in the second half of the worlds (9-16), you revisit these worlds again in order, except they are heavily modified, darker versions. This explains the forward slashes on the name and the details.

World 1: Terran City/The City of Darkness

Missions: 10/11 (location of Secret Mission #5)

Boss: Drawd, The Stick-Figured Fighter/Cybeorg, The Metallic Murderer

World 2: Pyramesa/The Great Pyramid

Missions: 11 (location of Secret Mission #1)/10

Boss: Pharao, Humanoid Sand Dweller/Undeadon, Walking Living Corpse

World 3: Ocean Deffs/Tidal Trenches

Missions: 10/11 (location of Secret Mission #6)

Boss: Mermadia, The Ocean Empress/Whalar, Psychotic Swimming Terror

World 4: Magcharred Plains/Darkcharred Plains

Missions: 11 (Secret Mission #2)/10

Boss: Embers, Flame of Darkness/Mr. Darkflame, The Civil Burner

World 5: Igloo Land/Snowcaps

Missions: 10/11 (location of Secret Mission #7)

Boss: Huma, The Human of Bluesky/Snowmann, Walking Living Snow Corpse

World 6: Negativ Sector/Super Negativ

Missions: 11 (Secret Mission #3)/10

Boss: Negakiyle, Cloned Hero Boy/Negarockom, Cloned Rock King

World 7: Terran Barracks/Wrecked Grounds

Missions: 10/11 (location of Secret Mission #8/Final)

Boss: Kartmowth, Carted Old Dragon

World 8: Redrock Canyon/The Shadow Castle

Missions: 11 (Secret Mission #4)/5

Boss: King Rockom, The Rocking King/Dr. Humane and Reddblu, The Finals

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