Kitty Berry the Dinocat
A lovely cute dinocat with an approached relationship with Mewshi.
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Yoshi (species)
Location Yoshi's Island
Current Status Alive
Class Guide


Family and Relations
Mewshi the Dinocat

Waddlenote Diggy Note Koopa the Quick Zack Goomba Yoshi

Ability/ies Tatcle
First Appearance Mewshi's Adventure!

Kitty Berry (in japan: キティベリー that says Kitiberī) is a another pink dinocat-species like Mewshi. Mewshi and Kitty Berry haves the most approached relationship. She's very socialble and not solitair. She's also smarter than Mewshi for some reasons.

Kitty Perry is mostly like Mewshi. Unlike him, she's pink with a baby-pink tie and a different cat bell. She haves baby pink shoes too and her nose is violet with a form of a heart. She haven't claws like Mewshi because she's more calm.


Mewshi's Adventure!

Kitty Berry is the guide of the areas. She gives hints and secrets when you need help. She isn't in Super Guide Mode.

Fantendo Basketball League

Kitty Berry makes part of Greenie Dasher by Yoshifraga97.

Mewshi's New Adventure:Secret of the Golden Fish

Kitty Berry is a playable character together with Mewshi, Waddlenote, Diggy Mole and Yoshi.

Fantendo Fighters Delta Clash!

Kitty Berry, as newcomer, is a default playable charcater in this game.