This is the story mode of Kitey's Worldwide Tour. This story stars Kitey as he tries to stop a evil army of tarot-themed soldiers led by the great villan Tower and his Tarot Army Commanders from unleashing The Fool and taking over the world.


Once upon a time there was a king who used a tarot deck to control every decision he ever made. He used the Deck for every epidemic, war, and depression and each tarot reading only made things worse. The tarot deck caused the kingdom to fall into ruin and the king decided to consort a priest to seal the tarot deck in a place hidden from everyone: the future (at least, to them It's the future). The priest was able to bring the cards to the future, but at the cost of his life. The king, thinking the priest succeeded in taking the cards away from him, finally celebrated with a great feast. However, without the tarot deck to tell him what to do, the king was unable to make a choice and caused the kingdom's downfall. It is said the deck has been in different places over the years, and nobody has found out if this story is even true, but people still search for the deck like moths to a flame.

Present Day

Kitey: Huh? What's this deck-thingy, Shellheim?


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


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