Kitey's Worldwide Tour is a 3D platformer game for the Nintendo NX. It is considered the revival of the Kitey franchise.


Image Character Description Final Art How to Unlock
New Kitey
Kitey Kitey is a box kite brought to life to protect Mangrove City by Dr. Shellheim. He is very protective and strong, as well as elegant and quick. He feels it is his duty to protect every single one of his friends and always makes the best of a day. Festival Flurry: Kitey inhales a lot of air and breathes a tornado-like breath that can wipe out a lot of enemies. From Start
Dr. Shellheim A Snailine scientist who is extremely shy. She invented the technology that can bring inanimate objects to life. She wants to make friends, but for now, she only feels calm talking to her son and Kitey. Shell of Nervousness: Dr. Shellheim hides inside her shell to be invincible. She can roll over enemies in this form. From Start
Thunderbird Thunderbirds are mythical birds that channel electricity through their wings to fly. After taming one, it becomes part of your group and you can play as one. Thunderbirds can be feisty, but they are really trustworthy when they are tamed. Lightning Beak: Thunderbird's beak gets hit by lightning and becomes supercharged. It's attacks now channel lightning and deal much more damage for a while. Take a Thunderbird to the Department of Mythical Creatures in The Flats section of Molluskburg.
Cymbala A pair of cymbals brought to life to be a friend to Kitey. She is very eccentric and tries many hobbies, games, and sports. She aims to be a great musician when she grows up. Cymbal Crash: Cymbala smashes both halves of herself together to stun all enemies so she can get past them or defeat them. Complete Chapter 1
Drillger Drillger is a animated drill and the leader of the Salmon Mining Company, and is very strict with his job. He is extremely knowledgeable about mining information, but he has a hard time remembering other things. Meteor Headbutt: Drillger jumps very high and launches his drill head at the ground, causing a meteor-like explosion to happen and wipe out surrounding foes. Defeat the Stone Dragon


The story is here.


Mangrove City

Mangrove City is a huge city built around a giant mangrove tree, and is a thriving town of commerce. The town's wind streams can be rode by Kitey to travel across the town at a fast pace, and the World Map Portal is in the Mangrove Mall. This is the hometown of Kitey and Dr. Shellheim.

Mangrove Mall

The Mangrove Mall is a huge mall in the city and the main hub of the game. There are various shops to buy upgrades to characters, a lounge for conversations, and a portal to access the World Map of Ya Vilk.

Honeyflow River

Honeyflow River is a natural river of honey that flows through the city. This is where the Prolouge takes place and has many unique creatures, such as Popcorn Fish, Gingerbread Bears, and Giant Bees, among other creatures.


Molluskburg is a medium-sized town built near and on the side of a cliff, and is mostly inhabited by Snailines and hikers. The city is filled with beautiful crystals that illuminate the town and the town is split between The Flats and Cliffside Condos.

The Flats

The Flats is where most tourists come, as the other section is completely vertical. The Flats is full of homes made out of sandstone, tumbleweeds, and dust storms. It is recommended that you find a way to stop the dust storms before moving off to the other side of town.

Cliffside Condos

The Cliffside Condoes are a giant condo area built on the side of a cliff, with the buildings facing sideways and the roads going upward. For non-Snailine visitors, there are elevators that can take you to different areas, as well as a network of Wind Streams Kitey can use.

Salmon Caverns

The Salmon Caverns are a network of mines named for it's discoverer, the Catfolk John Salmon. The cavern has many marvels and mysterious creatures, but some floors are blocked off when you first visit it, so you will come back here.

Crystalline Canopy

Morganite Mines

Stone Dragon's Nest

A gigantic optional cavern where a giant Stone Dragon sleeps calmly. These caverns are full of great treasures and statues of kings, but trying to kill the Stone Dragon there would be like trying to survive a nuclear onslaught. If you do manage to kill the Stone Dragon, you do unlock a very rare and powerful character to play as.

Everwinter City

Enemies and Bosses

This is the list of enemies and bosses in the game. Their rank determines their strength, and a Rank 15 Enemy would be the equivalent of a tank in power. The max Rank a enemy or boss can have is 99999, which is the equivalent of a being that can destroy an entire galaxy easily.

Image Name Description Rank
Gingerbread Bear Gingerbread Bears are very peaceful creatures, but provoking one would cause them to get furious. They can unleash fast punches and can rally other enemies. 1
Popcorn Fish Popcorn Fish are a very mysterious kind of fish. Despite their small size, they can tear through wood like it was nothing. They mainly swim in water or honey, but can bounce on land by using a explosive air sac. Despite the name, they are not popcorn, so don't eat it. 1-15 (Honeyflow River and Molluskburg)

20-1250 (Everywhere else)

Beehive Boxer A Beehive Boxer is a beehive brought to life that has gone mad and believes everything is a opposing boxer. They can swing punches at a fast speed, and leave behind pollen, which could attract Giant Bees, when defeated. 4-13
Vampire Vampires are the mythical bloodsucking creatures of lore, and are considered dangerous. They only appear between 8 PM and 6 AM, but the damage they cause is crazy. 10 (Honeyflow River)

20-30 (Molluskburg)

500 (Everwinter City)

100-5000 (Everywhere Else)

Giant Bee Giant Bees are very big bees (around the size of a cow) which bring pollen to a giant hive where the Honeyflow River originates from. As it is very passive, it will only fire stingers at you if you provoke it or if you destroy a Beehive Boxer and get pollen all over you.

4(when passive)

7 (When angered)

Beehemoth Beehemoth is a gigantic Giant Bee that is the size of a Dragon. He got to this size by feeding on dark energy and is considered very deadly. He can fire missle-like stingers at you, scatter pollen by sneezing, and can suck honey to restore his health.  He is the Boss of Honeyflow River and the Prolouge Boss. Prologue Boss (Rank 15)
Foolish Soilder These small, spear-wielding soilders were made from pure darkness and seem to be powerful on their own. Their spears can launch small lightning beams and, much like the Gingerbread Bears, they can rally others to them. 8-38 (Molluskburg)

20-750 (Everywhere else)

Waniguchi Waniguchi are shrine bells brought to life through dark energies instead of the normal process. They use their reptilian bodies to sneak across their territories to deal sneaky blows at you. 20-40 (Molluskburg)

235-400 (Everwinter City)

Cactushide Dragon Cactushide Dragons are Hide Dragons (Human-Dragon shapeshifters, think Acnologia from Fairy Tail) which drink and use cactus juice for attacks. Their cactus juice breath can pierce through wood and iron with ease, and their cactus-like skin makes it hard to deal damage to them. 15-50
Genie Thief Not all of the mythical genies follow the 3 wishes rule. In fact, some genies become thieves and try to steal stuff to sell at black markets. You can bargin with these genies to get rare items, but once yo attack them, try to destroy the lamp as fast as you can. 32 (Optional to Defeat)
Mole Carrot TBA TBA
Thunderbird Thunderbirds are mythical birds that channel electricity through their wings to fly. They call upon lightning to attack whenever they feel threatened, and if you can survive the shocks, you can ride it to the Department of Mythical Creatures to tame it into a character. 30-60 (Cliffside Condos)

200-5000 (Everywhere Else)

7500 (As a optional boss in Chapter 8)

Dirthide Dragon TBA TBA
Albino Dirthide Dragon TBA TBA
V-001 Meckanical The first in a long line of mech models built by the Tarot Army. Manned by a Foolish Soilder, these mechs have access to small missles, mines, and even a laser sword to attack with. 30-65
Lovers The first of 7 commanders of the Tarot Army. As the least evil of the 7 commanders, he doesn't care about waking up The Fool, but if he doesn't help, Tower will kill him, so he is forced to be the first major boss. He can launch arrows that can make you have illusions, cast a spell on himself to make himself faster, and split into two when damaged enough to allow himself to shoot more arrows (Both splits share the same health pool though, so dont worry). He is the boss of Molluskburg and the boss of Chapter 1. Chapter 1 Boss (70)
Cottonswab Archer A miniature archer made of cotton that launches cottonswabs as arrows and usually have great aim. They launch various cottonswabs in quick succession, and while they are physically frail, their speed is great. 60-110
Hari Onago Magically corrupted hooks that take on a womanly humanoid form to lure in men before draining their souls. They usually keep their distance, preferring to use their hair to fight. If they have to face close combat, however, it just tries to grab you to drain your health. 70-110
Greaser Burger A burger that was brought to life that tries to act cool and occasionally tussle with rival fry gangs. They usually dont attack you, but if you attack them, all Greaser Burgers in a large radius pounce on you viciously. 30-300 (Salmon Caverns)

60-5000 (Almost Everywhere after Salmon Caverns)

10000-29000 (???)

Eldrict Cryst Almost incomprehensible abominations that seem to be as old as the planet itself, and maybe even older. These beings act very crazy, so it is very unpredictable. 80-270
Lavabozu A Umibozu that has adapted to the waterless Salmon Caverns and, although weaker than most kinds of Umibozu, are still very strong on their own rights. They are drenched in lava, so dont attack them physically or you will die. 15-300
Chariot TBA Chapter 2 Boss (480)


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