Kitey's Windy Adventure is a fanon game for the 3DS.


This is Kitey. He may look like a kite with a Waddle Dee picture on it but he has amazing talents with Wind Powers. One Day, Rocktonio kidnapped Kitey's best friend who is called Bomerango. Kitey, mad about Bomerango being kidnapped, decides to rescue him from Rocktonio.

Upon the beginning of Kitey's adventure he finds a small star spirte. The star spirts name is Starine. She says that she can open the sacred Super Guide if one loses


  • Kitey - The main character
  • Bomerango - The male damsel in distress
  • Rocktonio - The villan
  • Starine - Super Guide


Code: World - Boss

  • Wood Woods - Wooden King
  • Water Wafers - Fish King
  • Cobblestone Carrier - Mine King
  • Earthern Elevator - Worm King
  • Cotton Clouds - King Swooper
  • Diamond Desert - Cactus Queen
  • Seperate Spaces - Mirror Blob
  • Utonium Universe - Sun King & Moon Queen
  • Vastium Volcano - Rocktonio, Rocksday Machine
  • Secret Swamp - None


  • Puffey - Mysterious winds that wander in the air
  • Rockta - Grunts of Rocktonio that run like mad
  • Swooper - Mario Enemies that are in multiple areas in the game. They mostly appear in night levels
  • Shellta - Knightish Rockta(Note that Rockta is both normal and pluarl) that avoid clifts
  • Bombra - Grunts of Rocktonio that explode like mad
  • Eyefly - Flying eyeballs that shoot laser beams
  • Swamp Root - Living roots that can throw Kitey behind it
  • Grilli - Ghost grills that shoot grey fireballs
  • Spinita - Rockta that use the Puff Shell to fly
  • Chilli - The opposite of Grillies that shoot iceballs.
  • Yo-To - Yo-yo weilding creatures that surround themselves with yo-yos(yo-yoes? I don't know how to spell yo-yo pluarl)
  • Goo-Gaa-Gee - Giant gooey creatures that blocks paths and can only be defeated by a Yo-Yo.
  • Splinke - Bouncy slinkey creatures that bounce high and low.
  • Rompta - Rolling Rockta that can flatten Kitey if he is on the ground.
  • Stinky Stu - Unique foes in Earthern Elevator which blows winds from behind.


  • Puff Shell - Unlimited Jumping until hitten
  • Yo-Yo - Hits opponents and comes back to you
  • Spoon Shield - Sheilds land attacks but slows you down
  • Dire Drill - Drills through sand and weak enemies


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