New Kitey
Full Name Kitey
Current Age 12
Date of Birth April 7th, 2003
Gender Male
Species Animated Kite
Location Mangrove City
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Kitey's Worldwide Tour
Latest Appearance Kitey's Worldwide Tour
Kitey is a fanon character starring in the the Kitey's Adventure series. He is a box kite brought to life that lives in Mangrove City as it's guardian.


Kitey's Worldwide Tour

This is his first offical appearence. He is on a journey to stop Tower from releasing a ancient evil and taking over the world with it. His ability to travel through Wind Streams and his creator, Dr. Shellheim have been introduced in this game.


Kitey is a very joyful kite who's always happy. He always finds a way to have fun in the toughest of situations. He cherishes everyone he meets and always greets them politely. He can be scared, but when he gets scared is also when he musters up courage to fight his fears.

Kitey's is also a bit naive and easily fooled. He is amazed by pretty much every new thing he sees, and always asks Dr. Shellheim about it. He has been known to pick up objects and bring the to life so he can hear their stories as items, no matter how good or bad the story is.

His most defining trait is his courage and bravery. He always tries to protect and help his friends whenever they are in trouble or are feeling sad. He has risked his life for his friends, and always makes the move to help his friends. Sometimes, he will even help the enemies he thinks aren't completely evil, and even once saved the giant tree that gave Mangrove City it's name.