Kitchen is a stage from the Chibi-Robo! series, first appearing in Chibi-Robo!: Plug into Adventure!. It takes place inside the Sanderson's house, in the kitchen. It appears in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse.


Chibi robo screen1
Universe Chibi-Robo!
Home Stage to Chibi-Robo
Availability Starter
Size Medium

The stage takes place inside the Sanderson's house, in a wide portion of the kitchen, as seen in the picture. This portion is closed on the left with a wall, so players can only die by falling offscreen upwards, or right. The portion features multiple frying pans, plates, cups, a toaster and other kitchen materials. In the centre of the stage, there is an oven. To the right of the oven, there is a refrigerator, which is a litte higher than the normal portion, where players can battle on. Next to the refrigerator, there is a void, where players can fall off from and die. Hazards include falling frying pans and cups from above, which can damage opponents and send them flying. Occassionally, the oven's eyes will heat up, causing a fire attack to whoever steps on them.

Music Played

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