Republic of Kiskadee
The Kiskadean Flag
Capital City Cape Kiskadee
Largest City Cape Kiskadee,

Puerto Grande

Language(s) English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Afrikaans, Maderin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Xosha, Latin, Sestheo, Romanian, Romansch, Dutch, Mayan, Incan, Cherokee, Apache
Leader(s) Unknown
Government Democracy
Currency Kiskadean Dollar

The Republic of Kiskadee (or quite simply Kiskadee) is a nation that was formally a part of Osiris, however as of 2017, Kiskadee has yet to be added to the reboot of the Fantendo countries project. As a result of this, Kiskadee is now located on an alternate version of Earth, where it is located somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kiskadee doesn't contain any states, and has no official language. It is a quite large country that contains a quite biodiverse environment featuring deserts, snow-capped mountains, beaches, and sprawling metropilises. The capital of the nation is Cape Kiskadee. Cape Kiskadee is the largest city in the nation with over 20 million citizens calling the city home. On the other hand, Puerto Grande is the second largest city in the country with over 8 million residents. The nation is the setting for the television series, Gravity by Pringles. It also appears in many other Fantendo

History & Culture

The Republic of Kiskadee has no real "official" culture. The reason for this is becuase of the fact that Kiskadee had no indiginous people, and was largely left out of the migration of people from Asia to the Americas. Because of this, the Spanish, the French, and the English each sought out to conqour the nation during the 1500's...


Government & Politics

Kiskadee is a democratic socialist country with a President that is only allowed to serve two terms of eight years each.  In order to better serve its citizens, all government documents are printed in multiple languages. There are several major politcal parties within Kiskadee

Overseas Territories

Currently, Kiskadee has control over the territory of Jamocha. The territory is currently known as the Jamochan Islands, and are a very popular tourist 

Television & Film

Kiskadee's television network features a diverse array of programming. KBC has the most well rated programming, and newscast in the country.