Ultima Kiruru
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender No Gender
Species Artificial Keronian
Current Status Alive
Sundial Army
Vulnerable To  ???
Kiruru is a artifical Keronian made on Keron. He first appears in Keroro Gunso: The Movie.


Kiruru was made as a ultimate weapon to take over Earth. When he arrived for the first time, he was sealed by a mysterious force, destroying the dinosaurs in the progress. In the movie from Japan, he is unsealed by Keroro (Unintentionally) and almost destroyed The Earth, only to be sealed again by Keroro.

A few years later, Kiruru (still being sealed), was transported to the Sundial Army's Base, Tororo's Space Castle. Tororo unsealed him and quickly put a mind control device on Kiruru, instantly taming him and making him a elite soilder of the army. He was the one to finish dismantling the Ideon. More to come...


Kiruru is constantly shown using the powers of darkness. He can turn into a cloud of darkness to avoid attacks. As seen in the movie, he is capable of turning into a dragon-like form and a pillar-like form. Starting in Crystal Legends, he has been shown having the power to levitate and use thunder well.


Crystal LegendsEdit

Kiruru has made his first appearance as a elite solider here. He dismantled the Ideon and scattered the 5 pieces across dimensions.