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Full Name Kirsty Elizabeth Marsh
Current Age 48
Date of Birth 30 June
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys
Latest Appearance Secret Springs: Sunken Dreams
Family and Relations
Katie (Child) Gretel (Mother) Charles (Farther)

Kirsty (カースティー Kárcéty) is Katie's mother and the owner of Kirsty's Corner Shop. She has no idea about the secret springs.


Kirsty looks alot like Katie, she has red hair and a bang that is a different color from the rest of her hair, in this case it is grey. She has a pale red/pink dress and a dark blue appron. She also has a badge on her shoulder strap which most likely has her name on.


Kirsty is fun, caring and is always worring about her familly, she often gets the wrong idea and is also some what lazy.

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