Kirbymon Puffball Pink and Kingly Yellow



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Developer(s) Cryobyte
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Virtual pet role-playing game.
Series Kirby series
Media Included Game Cartidge
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Kirbymon (also known as Kirbymon Puffball Pink and Kirbymon Kingly Yellow) is a Kirby role-playing game with gameplay elements from the Pokémon series.. In the game, the player takes control of either Ado or Adeleine capturing enemies from the Kirby series and fightning against other trainers, Gym Leaders and at the end, the Elite 4.

The game was originally owned by GD Gaming Studios, but was abandoned and then claimed by Cryobyte.




The gameplay is functionally similar to the Pokemon games. Trainers can carry up to six helpers that they can use in combat. Each Helper has different stats: these stats include Health (how much damage you can take), Power (how much damage you deal), Guard (how well you take damage), Speed (how fast you move in battle), and Luck (how often you get critical hits). Trainers take turns using moves against their opponents-each Helper carries up to 3 moves. 

Notably, the game seems to be run especially similar to Gen 6. Mega Evolution is scheduled to return under the guise of "Helper To Hero".


In this game, instead of being called 'Pokemon' they are called helpers, like in the Kirby games.

Image Helper Poyodex Entry Ability Poyodex Number
Hothead2 Hot Head
Fire Breath Helper
"These gentle helpers are easily frightened and respond with a quick blow of fire. They are very brave and courageous, fighting to the end for its friends."
Flame Body
Acchi Acchi
Flame Ball Helper
"A strengthened form of Hot Head. Normally a relaxed and peaceful helper, it is easily angered and retaliates with a feisty ball of flames from its mouth."
Flash Fire
Pyribbit Pyribbit
Magma Helper
"A strengthened form of Acchi. It sits silently in volcanoes quenching on molten magma for a drink. It's crys are said to cause lava to spew.
Solid Rock
Water Galbo KRtDL Water Galbo
Aquatic Helper
"A rather playful helper that fights rough; it loves to battle in its free time. It has sharp fangs that will hurt if you're bit." 
Water Galboros

Water Galboros

Shark Helper
"A strengthened form of Water Galbo. It is fierce and dangerous, often lurking in the deep waters that it calls home. Its fangs are said to be the cause of many incidents."
Strong Jaw
Gobbler Gobbler
Fearsome Helper
"A strengthened form of Water Galboros. Known by many as the Menace Of The Sea, it inhabits the most dangerous waters waiting for prey."
Leafan KRtDL Leafan
Floating Leaf Helper
"These helpers are known to bask in the sun to gain energy through photosynthesis. Their appearance hones their skills of camoflauge to the max."
Bulby Bulby
Root Helper
"A strengthened form of Leafan. Once a Leafan gains enough energy and power, it changes into this form, silently waiting underground for it to change again."
Natural Care
Flowery Woods Flowery Woods
Blossom Helper
"A strengthened form of Bulby. Once a Bulby is ready to change, it makes a long march to the skies to turn into a Flowery Woods."
Flower Veil
Gaw Gaw Gaw Gaw
Animal Helper
"Gaw Gaws are known for being playful yet loyal. They will obey any command from a worthy trainer, no matter how far the risk."
Run Away
Vital Spirit
Gao Gao Gao Gao
Animal Helper
"A strengthened form of Gaw Gaw. The muscles of Gao Gao's claws are so powerful that it can dig through almost anything.
Tough Claws
Mold Breaker
Boxin Boxin
Boxing Helper
"Armed with two little boxing gloves, Boxin bounces back and forth in a true fighter fashion. He has a very good defense and attack, aswell.
Quick Fists
BoxBoxer Box Boxer
Champion Boxer Helper
"Box Boxers have been training for years to become this good. They utilize their long ears during boxing segments to help themselves."
Quick Fists
KMA Waddle Dee Waddle Dee
Normal Forme
Servant Helper
"Loyal helpers who can easily be trained to do a multitude of tasks. By giving this Helper items he will be able to defend himself in combat.
Quick Feet
ParasolDee Waddle Dee
Parasol Forme
Servant Helper
"Armed with a parasol, Waddle Dee has an excellent defense for blocking moves, as well as a habit for picking things up."
SpearWaddleDee Waddle Dee
Spear Forme
Servant Helper
"Armed with a spear, Waddle Dee has an excellent offense for attacking opponents, spacing people away with the tip of the blade."
Bomb Waddle Dee Waddle Dee
Bomb Forme
Servant Helper
"Armed with a bomb, Waddle Dee is a cunning foe with quick movements and the options for offense in tossing or defense in smoke bombs."
Flash Fire
Waddledoo Waddle Doo
Beam Helper
"The giant eye on it's face is capable of releasing a strange energy similar to tears in the form of an energy whip."
Lightning Rod
Kingdoo King Doo
Eye Helper
"A strengthened version of Waddle Doo.It is said that a King Doo will always control a wild group of Waddle Doo. These Helpers are extremely flashy and try to impress opponents with beam tricks."
Lightning Rod
Waapod Wapod
Jar Ghost Helper
"A ghost that resides in jars of every kind. It is believed that Wapod's are ghosts of Waddle Dees, but it has never been said if they are."
WhispyWoodsJunior Whispy Woods Jr.
Junior Apple Tree Helper
"A mini apple tree that has all the happiness in the world, it leaps up in down in happiness almost all the time. His puffs of air can send even the strongest Kirbymon flying."
Water Absorb
WhispyWoodsKirbymon Whispy Woods
Apple Tree Helper
"A strengthened version of Whispy Woods Jr. It is said that Whispy Woods are very territorial trees, feeling threatened by unwanted visitors approaching them. This might be done to protect the animals that live in the tree. Or it might be that Whispy Woods are grumpy."
Regular Sphere Doomer Sphere Doomer
Regular Forme
Guardian Legendary
"Interdimensional travelers who spend all day flying about and watching over their territory, guarding a key to the Grand Doomer."
Dark Aura
Sphere Doomer red Sphere Doomer
Fire Forme
Guardian Legendary
"A Sphere Doomer that has been affected by scorching heat, it's body burns at temperatures measured similarly to the sun."
Dark Aura
Sphere Doomer Spark Sphere Doomer
Electric Forme
Guardian Legendary
"A Sphere Doomer affected by a ton of electricity. This Doomer is attracted to cold areas where it can generate the most power."
Dark Aura
Sphere Doomer Ice Sphere Doomer
Ice Forme
Guardian Legendary
"A Sphere Doomer with an ice cold heart and mind. Oddly, they live in warmer environments as a way to regulate their temperature."
Dark Aura
250px-GrandDoomer Grand Doomer
Master Guardian Legendary
"The master and leader of the Doomers. Only able to be summoned once they have all been defeated, the Grand Doomer sleeps within a rift of time.
Aura Break
MetaKnight Meta Knight
Mysterious Legendary
"A very mysterious figure, nobody has cracked the code on what, or who, he is. His fast-moving hands make his jagged sword an extremely strong weapon"
Dimensional Cape
GalactaKnightKirbymon Galacta Knight
Powerful Legend Legendary
"A legend who was once sealed away from his immense power, he defied time to come back into the world. His trusty sword can beat even the mightiest of warriors."
King Dedede garridk King Dedede
Regal Legendary
"Often recognized as the King of Pop Star, very few have managed to make a Helper out of this highness. The hammer it wields packs a wallop."
KTDKirby Kirby
Heroic Legendary
Often recognized as the Savior of Pop Star, very few have managed to make a Helper out of this hero. His ability to inhale and change types is one of a kind."
MaskedDedede Masked Dedede
Hero Forme

Vengeance Hero
"The Hero form of King Dedede. The darkness still sealed away in his heart has corrupted this 'Hero' and has shown just how bad of a villain he can be."

Hypernova Hypernova Kirby
Hero Forme
All-Consuming Hero
"The Hero form of Kirby. Imbued with the power of a Miracle Fruit, there is simply nothing that will not fall to Kirby's gaping mouth at this point."
NecrodeusKirbymon Necrodeus
Death God Legend
"A very dark, evil figure which many call 'God of Death'. His plans are to shroud the land in darkness, but was stopped by a familiar pink puffball during his act."

Version Differences

Note: Even when specific kirbymon are unavailable to be caught, gym leaders can still have them in both versions.

Puffball Pink Only Kirbymon

  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • Boxin
  • Box Boxer

Kingly Yellow Only Kirbymon

  • King Dedede
  • Galacta Knight
  • Gaw Gaw
  • Gao Gao

Gym Leaders

Image Gym Leader Kirbymon
Buguzzy Bugzzy

Knuckle Joe ()()()()() Knuckle Joe Fighting Lv. 12
Boxin BoxinNormal Fighting Lv. 14