Kirbymon, GO!! is the first episode of Kirbymon


I want to be, the very best. Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to eat them is my cause.

I will traval across Dream land, searching far & wide. Teach Kirbymon, to understand, the power that's inside.

(Kirbymon) Gotta catch them all (It's you and me), I know it's my destiny (Kirbymon).

Yaaa, you're my best freind, in a world we must defend (Kirbymon)

Gotta catch them all (a heart so true), our corage will pull us thru.

You teach me, and I won't eat you, All Day Long.

Gotta eat them all (Gotta eat them all) KIRBYMON!!

(Episode Starts)

Voice: Kirbymon, GO!!

Kirby: Adeleine, Oak should be here by now.

Adeleine: Yah, wonder whats up.

Kirby: Hey, a note. Dear all Pokemon trainers, I'm on vacation for now. So just chose a pokemon. Sincerely, Porfesser Oak. Well I'll choose, Ditto.

Adeleine: He's not a starter.

Kirby: Don't care. Plus I want a pokemon to match my copy abilaty.

Adeleine: I can respect that.

???: BOO!

Kirby:Prince Fluff!?

Prince Fluff: Yah, it's me. Hi Kirby.

Kirby: What did you pick?

Prince Fluff: Pikachu.

Adeleine: Fine, Catterpie

Kirby: Well let's go

???: We're gonna get Kirby, right.

???: Yes,sir.


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