Kirby x Mario Kart 8 is one of the upcoming downloadable content packs, along with Star Fox x Mario Kart 8 set to be included in the game Mario Kart 8. It will be released on November 2015.


Like the previous two DLC packs, Kirby x Mario Kart 8 will contain 3 new characters, 4 new vehicles and 2 cups with 4 tracks each.


  • Kirby
  • Kitsune Luigi
  • Unknown


  • Mach Rider
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown


The 2 new cups will be the Shine Cup and the Warp Star Cup. It is unknown what tracks will appear in what Cups.

  • DS Delfino Square
  • A Kirby-based track
  • A Mach Rider-based track

Bonus Content

Again like the first 2 DLC packs, if you purchase or Pre-Order the 2 DLC packs, the player will instantly recieve 5 new colors for Toad and 3 new colors for Koopa Troopa.

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