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Episode 1 Poster

Poster for the first battle.

Kirby vs. Meta Knight is the first battle in the series. It features Kirby from Kirby rapping against Meta Knight from Kirby.


  • Kirby: Poyo man. You know to take it to the top.
  • I'm over 20 years old, my heroics will never stop.
  • Man you suck, you hide your face in a mask.
  • I've got a trick for you, it is in a bask... et.
  • Your Halberd is your face, printed on a ship.
  • I fought harder when I fought some dip and chips.
  • I'm Kirby, of the planet of Pop Star, you jerk.
  • They should of best you and rename you Meta Jerk
  • Meta Knight: You freakin' puffball, feel the wrath of y sword.
  • So I'm going to be the one to get the award.
  • You're wrong Kirby, they call me Mr. Meta Knight.
  • Think that I'm a jerk, ha that's a new head fright.
  • The head head captain of jerkheads that must be fired.
  • Take you to a dumb bar and burn you in a fire.
  • Have you as a marshmellow? Now that's a idea.
  • You know it's no surprise that I'm not happy to see ya.
  • Kirby: Because we we're rivals for way to long.
  • Doesn't mean that we don't have to do this song.
  • Your face is as small as a lolipop.
  • Why don't you leave the series and SHUT THE HELL UP!
  • Meta Knight: The reason that I'm dark, that makes no sence.
  • I've seen better people while I paint my fence.
  • Screw you, you pink lump. You're no help to me.
  • So you're lazy Pop Star will belong to me.
  • Who Won?
  • Who's Next?
  • I Decide!


Who Won?

The poll was created at 23:34 on December 10, 2013, and so far 9 people voted.

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