Kirby and the Twisted Mirror Maze is a sequel to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, made by Nomtech Studios. It is for the Wii U. It is for four players, with four starting characters. The game pad is what was the bottom screen in the first game. Like the first game. Kirby can call helpers with his cellphone, who are somewhere else in the maze. This time it's Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, or Kirby if the player is playing as the other characters.


Kirby is walking along, and he finds Meta Knight knocked out. He runs to him, and than King Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee walk over. They are all sucked into the mirror world. Dark Meta Knight cuts the Mirror into 8 pieces, and they must find the pieces.



Kirby is the main character of the game. He can gain copy abilities, and super abilities, by inhaling or super inhaling enemies. He can also eat a fruit that gives him the Hypernova ability. He can fly to get over gaps.

Meta Knight

Meta knight is Kirby's friend and helper. He permanently wields the sword ability, and can fly with his wings.

King De De De

King De De De is Kirby's former enemy. He permanently wields the hammer ability, and can fly, and inhale enemies, but can not gain abilities.

Bandana Waddle Dee

Bandana Waddle Dee is King De De De's minion, and another playable character in the game. He permanently wields the spear ability, and can jump infinitely.

Dark Meta Knight

Dark Meta Knight is the mirror version of Meta Knight.

Playable Characters


Ability: Any

KirbySSBV Full

Meta Knight

Ability: Sword and Tornado

SSBR MetaKnightIcon
King Dedede

Ability: Hammer

Bandana Waddle Dee

Ability: Spear

KRTDL Bandana Dee
Dark Meta Knight

Ability: Sword and Dark

Beat the Game

Ability: Any

Beat Extra Mode
Yarn Kirby

Ability: Yarn

Collect 10 Power Spheres
Prince Fluff

Ability: Yarn

Collect 20 Power Spheres

Ability: Beam and Mirror

100px-KSS Marx
Collect 30 Power Spheres

Ability: Crystal

Collect 50 Power Spheres
Dark Matter

Ability: Sword and Dark

Collect 75 Power Spheres
Galacta Knight

Ability: Sword and Tornado and Laser

Collect 100 Power Spheres
Shadow Kirby

Ability: Fighter and Dark

Beat Kirby Fighters with all abilities

Ability: Ninja and Ghost

KTD Taranza Artwork
Beat the Arena

Ability: Ice and Wing

Beat the True Arena

Power Spheres

Power spheres are crystal orbs that are scattered around the maze. There are 100 of them, and by collecting certain amounts, you can unlock characters.


There are 9 main worlds in the game. The game does not move in a linear fashion, but like the first game, moves in a Metroidvania, style way. There is a hub that looks like a stone temple, and contains the main mirrors in the game. Unlike other games Kirby and his friends do not travel through doors, but through mirrors.

Popsicle Path

Popsicle Path is the first world in the game and does not contain a boss, but is small, and looks like a simple grassland.

Marshmallow Mansion

Marshmallow Mansion is the second world in the game, and has a pearl white, and diamond mirror. It looks like a shiny pearl castle.

Tortilla Temple

Tortilla Temple is the third world in the game, and has a stone mirror. It looks like a Stone temple similar to the hub.

Lemon Laboratory

Lemon Laboratory is the fourth world in the game, and has a metal mirror, with electric circuits on it. it looks like a laboratory, with machines, and electric stuff.

Rubarb Rainforest

Rubarb Rainforest is the fifth world in the game, and has a green viny mirror. It looks like a big rain forest with tall trees.

Leek Lake

Leek Lake is the sixth world in the game, and has a blue coraly mirror. It looks like a coral reef, and has a large portion of it underwater.

Apple Aviary

Apple Aviary is the seventh world in the game, and has a cloudy mirror. It looks like alot of clouds, and occasional floating islands.

Caramel Cosmos

Caramel Cosmos is the eighth world in the game, and has a starry dark mirror. it looks like outer space, with little planetoids.

Pretzel Pyramid

Pretzel Pyramid is the ninth world in the game, and has a brown stone mirror. It looks like the inside of an ancient pyramid.

Fruity Flashback

Fruity flashback is a bonus world, accessed after beating the True Arena. When entered, Kirby and friends enter an entirely black and white version of the main story mode hub. Where some of the original mirrors are, there are now five doors, leading to some worlds, form past Kirby games.


In every Kirby game there has been a variety of interesting bosses. The bosses in this game, like the game itself are nonlinear, and can be fought in any order.

King Golem Marshmallow Mansion
Mcgruffins Tortilla Temple
Plugger Lemon Laboratory
Bananape Rubarb Rainforest
Lioness Leek Lake
Gobblesquawk Apple Aviary
Cerberush Caramel Cosmos
Dr. Waddle Pretzel Pyramid
Dark Meta Knight The Dimension Mirror
Master Mind The Dimension Mirror
Dark Mind Soul The Dimension Mirror


Super Abilities

Kirby Fighters

Kirby Fighters is a side mode, that involves different colored Kirbys fighting each other on different stages, with different abilities.























The Arena

The Arena is a bonus mode, unlocked after beating the story mode. The Player must play through all the bosses, as any character they have, without dieing. They will have 4 maxim tomatoes, and 4 tomatoes, between battles.


King Golem







Dr. Waddle

Dark Meta Knight

Mid-Boss All Stars 1

Mid-Boss All Stars 2

2nd to last: Master Mind

Last: Dark Mind Soul

The True Arena

The True Arena is the final mode in the game, and is unlocked after beating extra mode. The player is able to play as any character, they have unlocked. They get 1 Maxim Tomatoe, and 4 tomatoes.


King Golem EX

Mcgruffins EX

Plugger EX

Bananape EX

Lioness EX

Gobblesquawk EX

Cerberush EX

Dr. Waddle EX

Final Four

Dark Meta Knight EX

Master Mind EX

Dark Mind Soul EX


Downloadable Content

There is some Downloadable content in the game, including Flashback worlds, and characters.

Knuckle Joe- Fighter

Adaleine- Paint

Gooey- None

Bonkers- Hammer

Waddle Doo- Beam

Grill- Magic and Clean

Rick- Hi-Jump

Kine- Water

Coo- Wing and Tornado

Nago- Animal

Chuchu- Bomb

Pitch- Wing

Spinni- Ninja

Storo- Hammer

Doc- Laser

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