Kirby and the Sun Feather
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017
Single-Player Adventure, Local Adventure, Online Adventure, The Arena, The True Arena, Gooeygames, Dedede Drum Dash: Symphony Demo, Kirby Fighters U Demo
Genre(s) Platforming

Kirby and the Sun Feather is an upcoming Wii U game in the Kirby series, being released in TBA 2017. It is the first platforming Kirby game since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards to have a specific strategic element to the game, which includes a limited float time, and most bosses having specific ways to fight them.


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Playable Characters

Kirby is ready for one more adventure in Dream Land! As our main protagonist, Kirby's special ability is to inhale his enemies and copy their powers, utilizing what he stole from them. Strategize with this! He also has very balanced stats; his float ability, speed, and power is incredibly equalized.
King Dedede is Kirby's supposed archenemy-which isn't much, since he secretly likes the little puffball. He initially joins Kirby on his quest so he can steal some riches from Kynesi's dimension, though he is ultimately disappointed. This giant king has incredible power with that macho-hammer of his, but his float ability and speed is somewhat diminished.
The mysterious masked man, Meta Knight, is the captain of his ship, the Halberd. He provides the group a home in his ship while in both Dream Land and the Kinetic Dimension. The speedy swordsman can fly for quite some time, and his sword makes sure he has plenty of quick attacks. Sadly, his power isn't much.
250px-Waddle Dee
Despite being no more than a "lowly minion" at sight, Bandanna Waddle Dee is much more; he's Dedede's assistant! While he is rather hesitant to travel at first, he comes through when Dedede agrees to go. His spear works as both transportation and attacking. His speed is also remarkable, though he can barely float.
Kynesi is a mysterious fellow, hailing from an unknown dimension. After coming crashing into Dream Land from a wormhole, with a dark past and a bird that is the child of a deity, he is almost hopeless until Kirby and friends decide to help him return to his dimension. For some reason, he wears a cap that completely covers his eyes. He can use his Kinesis powers to his will, and as such he has balanced stats as well.

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