Kirby and the Rainbow Orbs is a game in the Kirby series of games, it is for the Wii U and supports up to 5 players at the same time (4 Wii Remotes and the gamepad)
Kirby RO logo

The game's logo

Kirby and the Rainbow Orbs
Developer(s) Sir Kitty Kat
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: April 27, 2022
1/2/3/4/5 Player(s) Mode, Kirby Fighters U
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Platformer


Series Kirby
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA
Available Input Wii U gamepad

Wii Remote


One day, Kirby and all of his pals from other adventures were celebrating the pink ball's birthday, until a sorceress known as Chromila tries to steal all the colors of the world, but thanks to magic, the Grasslands stay colored, now the whole team has to activate the Rainbow Orbs scaterred through Popstar and get the colors back for the entire universe.


This is a basic Kirby game, the big difference between the previous games is that there aren't just 4 characters you and your friends can play as, all of Kirby's buddies were invited and all of them can be selected by the players, from Gooey to Prince Fluff, the gang's all here. If you use Gamepad as Kirby, you can store Item stars and Ability trophies.

If you shoot an ability star at another enemy with an ability, you can fuse the abilities to make a better one, like in Kirby 64.

Gamepad Controls

To make this easy, I will only cover Kirby's basic moveset

D-pad/Circle pad = Move/Crouch/Look up

D-pad/Circle pad L/R x2 = Dash

A = Jump

B = Inhale/Shoot star

Y = Use a stored item

X = Drop ability

L/R = Guard

Down mid-air = Ground Pound

Wii Remote Controls

Again, these are Kirby's basic moves

D-pad = Move/Guard/Look up

D-pad L/R x2 = Dash

2 = Jump

1 = Inhale/Shoot star

A = Drop ability

Down mid-air = Ground Pound

Playable Characters

Since this is Kirby's 30th anniversary game, there are plenty of characters to choose from (I lied about everyone being here...)

Picture Name Description
Kirby This iconic little ball first appeared on the Gameboy in 1992 and now he was just trying to celebrate his 30th anniversary, but now he has to save the world again.
Meta Knight Kirby's rival who first appeared in Kirby's Adventure for the NES, he can't use different copy abilities, Meta Knight is restricted to the sword.
250px-King Dedede SSB4
King Dedede The self-proclaimed king of Dreamland joins Kirby once again, Dedede is restricted to the hammer ability
KTD Waddle Dee artwork 2
Waddle Dee Dedede's loyal but clumsy minions are joining the quest, unlike most other characters, waddle Dee can touch ability trophies to have different abilities, like Kirby
Prince Fluff Straight from Patch Land, Prince Fluff joins the fun, he is restricted to using the whip ability
Gooey Kirby's blob friend is also here, he is also restricted to the whip ability
Rick the Hamster One of Kirby's animal buddies, Rick joins the fun, he can mario-stomp enemies and throw Kirby like a ball
Coo the Owl Coo the owl joins the party, Coo can carry Kirby around and is restricted to the Wing ability
ChuChu ChuChu is a pink slime with a red bow, she is restricted to the new Slime ability
Nago the Cat Nago is really just a reskin of Rick, but he runs faster


These are the places you'll go through in your travels to save all the colors

Picture Name Description
Raspberry woods
Raspberry Woods

The basic grass world, there are basic enemies and weak abilities.

Boss: Whispy Woods Sr.

Acorn clouds
Acorn Clouds

The game's sky world, get ready for a lot of pits.

Boss: Kracko

Indigo ocean
Indigo Ocean

The water world, you have a frog ability, you can swim better.

Boss: King Angler

Noon canyon
Noon Canyon

The fire/rock themed world, it's a canyon with more pits, yay.

Boss: Flare Bird

Botanic bunker
Botanic Bunker

A forgotten underground base that contains a lot of flora, but all the time isolated seemingly made them evolve into killer plants.

Boss: Floroyal


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