Kirby and the Prisosphere is a game for the Wii U. It is set to come out in 2015.


Kirby's world, along with others, have been transformed by an evil enity, Anti-Matter, into prisms. Joined by Waddle Doo, fighter joe, and Waddle Dee, Kirby starts and adventure to Dark Prism to turn the worlds back to normal!


1. Star Prism 2. Desert Prism 3. Water Prism 4. Fire Prism 5. Ice Prism 6. Electric Prism 7. Dark Prism 8. Dragon Prism 9. Mirror World


1. Grand Doomer 2. Gooey Dragon 3. Dolphy 4. Fire Golem 5. Miracle Matter 5.5 Miracle Doomer 6. Magolor 6.5 Magolor tornado 7. Anti-Matter 8. Clawdon 8.5 Clawdon Soul 9. Dark Mind 2

Copy Abilities

Cutter, Stone, Sword, Fire, Torch, Water, Bubble, Leaf, Needle, Spark, Wheel, Ice, Fighter, Bell, Clown, Light, Dark, Tri, Hammer, Beam, Wing, Hypernova, Water Beast, Dragon Fire, Ultra Sword, Mega Cutter, Giant stone, Beam Ball, Outstanding Hammer.

Mixable abilities

Some abilities are able to be mixed and made into new ones.

Beetle(needle and wing), Firework(fire and stone), Arrow(needle and sword), Thundersword(sword and spark), Firesword(sword and fire), Zero(light and dark), Tornado(wing and cutter), FireTornado(Fire and tornado), SparkTornado(spark and tornado), IceTornado(ice and tornado).

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